Anti-Corrosion Treatment

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Corrosion including rust is a worldwide problem that is gaining more and more attention. With aging infrastructures, the risk is mounting and threatens lives and property. Air-conditioner heat exchangers coil are made of aluminium fins and are more susceptible to hostile environments and contaminants that can corrode the fins, causes it to fall off and degrade the performance and increase power consumption, in worse cases it may lead to compressor failure.

Too often problems are ignored until it’s too late, like the below cases:

An important factor is that corrosion is IRREVERSIBLE, and it always results in a weakened structure. There are 2 solutions:

  1. ​​​​​PREVENTION works going forward to maintain the equipment standard quality.
  2. REPAIR works is the most pressing issue, time consuming and affected the equipment standard quality.

Corrosion is the deterioration of surfaces and structures caused by a reaction to several elements and environment conditions:

Coastal Environment Mild Chemical Environment

Daikin Anti-corrosion Treatment forms a protective barrier to prolong the air-conditioner fins heat exchanger coil lifespan and make the system work at it best optimum performance. 

Heat Exchanger Assy without Anti-Corrosion Treatment Heat Exchanger Assy with Anti-Corrosion Treatment


Anti-Corrosion Treatment Type Environment Coating Type Coating Color Suitable
Location Equipment Type




Executive Grey

Indoor Fan Coil Unit

Basic Lite

Non-Coastal Epoxy Red Oxide Indoor Fan Coil Unit




Executive Grey Outdoor

Condensing Unit

Coastal Air-Cooled Chiller
Mild Chemical

Self-Contained Unit

Heavy Plus 


Enamel Ocean Green Outdoor

Condensing Unit

Mild Chemical

Air-Cooled Chiller

On Board Ship Self-Contained Unit


Daikin Singapore (DSP) has full facility process to locally performed anti-corrosion treatment work, spray booth features come complete with built in oven, to ensure coating treatment is baked in accordance to our work standard quality and the equipment with coating treatment performance maintained at the optimum level without compromise.

Spray Booth

Spray Coating Work Process

Under Coat

Top Coat

Assembly Work Process


Anti-Corrosion Treatment Type



Basic Lite



Heavy Plus

Heat Exchanger Fins Assembly

  • Condenser Coil
  • Evaporator Coil

Base coat + Top coat (≥50µ)

Base coat (≥20µ)

Base coat + Top coat (≥50μ)

Base coat + Top coat (≥50μ)
  • Bottom Frame Assembly
  • Mounting Plate Assembly
  • Partition Plate Assembly



Base coat + Top coat (≥50μ)

Base coat + Top coat (≥50μ)

Self Tapping Screws**

N.A. N.A.

SUS410 Stainless Steel Screws

SUS410 Stainless Steel Screws
Coating Materials

Active Primer


Active Primer

Active Primer
Polyurethane Polyurethane Enamel
Colour Executive Grey Red Oxide Executive Grey Ocean Green
Suitable Location Indoor Outdoor
Applicable Equipment

VRV – Variable Refrigerant Volume Control

  • Condensing Unit
  • Wall Mounted Unit
  • Ceiling Cassette Unit
  • Ceiling Concealed Unit

RA – Residential Air

  • Condensing Unit
  • Wall Mounted Unit
  • Ceiling Cassette Unit
  • Ceiling Concealed Unit

SA – Sky Air Unit

  • Condensing Unit
  • Wall Mounted Unit
  • Ceiling Cassette Unit
  • Ceiling Concealed Unit

PA – Package Unit

  • Condensing Unit
  • Rooftop Self Contained Unit
  • Floor Standing Unit
  • Ceiling Concealed Unit

AP – Applied

  • Air Cooled Chiller
  • AHU Coil





N.A. – Not Applicable
**Replace to SUS410 Stainless Steel Screws


✔ Cost Saving

  • Reduced operation down time
  • Maintained optimum energy

✔ Flexible and Durable

  • Coating materials easy to use & handle
  • Tough coating materials

✔ Superior Corrosion Protection

  • Able to withstand coastal and mild chemical industrial environment

✔ Performance Unchanged

  • With anti-corrosion treatment CU performance is unchanged and negligible

✔ Increase Lifespan

  • Prolong CU fins heat exchanger coil life to > 4 years (subject to maintenance frequency)

✔ Fast and Easy Maintenance

  • Fast and shortest lead time
  • Easy maintenance just rinse with domestic water for cleaning purpose
  • Easy to do recoat work to ensure refrigerant piping is protected

✔ Water Resistance

  • Coating to resist the penetration of water to ensure water flow smoothly on fins coating surface

✔ Warranty

  • Anti-corrosion treatment equipment come with 1-year warranty coverage on the coating and subjected to (Care and maintenance for do’s and don’ts).




Residential Commercial Industrial


Coral Island

Sentosa Cove

Lakeshore View

Central Victoria

Seven Palm

Kesara @Sentosa

ICTW Marina Coastal Drive

Changi Naval Base

Song of Sea

Coral @Keppel Bay

Singapore Turf Club

Nestle Oil

Singapore Refinery Company

Tuas Shipyard

Unimatic Expansion Project

Exxon Mobil

Shell /JIMB


Afton Lion

Tuas Incineration

Senoko Incineration

Jurong Port

Tembusu Crescent

Institute of Chemical and Eng Science


Residential / Resort / Commercial
Sri Lanka Seychelles Maldives Indonesia

92 Dharmapal

Maga Omegaline

Holiday Home

The Emperor


Maga Head Office

Monarch Service Apartment

Pension Fund NE Point

Seychelles Apartment

North OLME Hotel

Four Season Resort

Ahmad Manikus Residence

Seychelles Port

Praslin Seychelles

Saman Villa

Shangrila Roxy


Male Airport

Ran Finiho

Como Resort

Flux Resort

Six Sense

Spa Water Villa


St Regis – Bali

MD Villa – Jakarta

RSCM Hospital

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