COIL Cleaning

In commercial building and factories, many are concern about the air quality that we breathe in, productivity at work and enery efficiency. Daikin Coil Cleaning is full compliance with ISO14001 and provides environmental-friendly solution towards Green Building! This solution is aimed at servicing systems with huge and very thick evaporated coils.

Features of Coil cleaning:

  • High Pressure Steam/ Chemical-Free processes
  • No Chemical Used
  • No Pollution to Drain System
  • No risk of corrosion on the coil fins

Applicable Models:

  • AHU (more than 6 rows)
  • Chilled-Water Fancoil


  • Prevents water leaking
  • Promotes Healthy Air from system
  • Extends coil conditions


*Change <Images>: Office Buildings, Factories*

Before After

When do you need it?

Depending on usage. Once every 2 years on average. Once every year for high usage.


  AHU Systems
Cost (SGD) more than $500*

*Subject to include GST of 7%. Depending on thickness/ size of coil.

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price per Coil Cleaning depends on the capacity of the Fan Coil Unit / Condensing Unit
  • Does not include provision of access opening, dismantling of coil, refrigerant pump down and re-vacuum and standard charges (if required)

Contact Us:

For any further queries, please call 63118686


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