Supervise workplace safety and health practices in Air-conditioning Installation and Maintenance Servicing [WSQ]


This unit of competency is pegged at WSQ Advanced Certificate level. It provide awareness and educate the learners in local air-conditioning industry on the best safety practices to observe during installation of air-conditioning systems. Learners will learn the procedures and tools available to create a safer working environment. This unit also provide learners the opportunity to demonstrate the used of specialized tools and adopting the safer practices.

  • New entrants into air-conditioning industry
  • Supervisors in air-conditioning industry
  • Assistant engineers in air-conditioning industry
  • Engineers in air-conditioning industry
  • Plan workplace safety and health activities for air-conditioning installation and maintenance servicing.
  • Implement safe work practices, risk management implementation plan and fall prevention plan for air-conditioning installation and maintenance servicing.
  • Maintain workplace risk control measures for air-conditioning installation and maintenance servicing.
  • Handling of compressed and refrigerant gases – R32

Qualification Level:
WSQ Advanced Certificate

Date Option 1
Theory : 8-9 January 2019
Assessment : 10 January 2019

Full Course fee:
$428 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

WDA Course Fee Funding:

  • SMEs: 90% of course fee capped at $30/hr
  • Non-SMEs: 80% of course fee capped at $7/hr

Eligibility of course fee funding:

  • Company sponsored participants must be a Singaporean or Singapore Permanent Residents.
  • Individual company are to submit the applications and claims through the SkillsConnect System at
  • Course fee funding does not include GST.

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