VRV System Selection And Heatload Calculation (Non-WSQ)


This unit enable the learners to conduct proper selection of Daikin latest VRV system using both the ED book and the selection software. Learners will also undertsand the factors that affect the heatload estimation, and learn to use Daikin heatload calculation software to determine the correct heatload of the air-conditioning space.


This unit enable the learners to understand the basic operation and maintenance requirements of the chilled water system and the AHU & Chilled Water FCU. Basic failure analysis of the system will also be discuss during the training session.

  1. Heatload calculation
    • Types of heatloads
    • Sensible & latent heat
    • Units of heat (K-value, U-value)
    • How to calculate U-value
    • Practical usinig Daikin Heatload Calculation software (DACCS)
  2. VRV System Selection
    • Selection of models based on ED book
    • Pipe sizing & Refnet system selection
    • Calculation of additional refrigerant charge
    • Selection of models using Daikin VRV Xpress Software

Qualification Level:

Theory : NA
Assessment : NA

Date Option 1
Theory : 12 March 2020
Assessment : NA

Full Course fee:
$160.5 (Inclusive of 7% GST)

WDA Course Fee Funding:

Eligibility of course fee funding:

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