Perfection the Air

A world where countermeasures against infectious diseases are key, and we face the challenge of carbon neutrality.
The entire world has reassessed the importance of air, and measures are urgently needed.
To deliver more comfortable and safe air around the world, Daikin Industries, a leader in air conditioning-equipment manufacturing, is taking on the challenge of providing answers through air.

Co-living with Infectious Diseases - Improvement of Air Quality by/through Air-Conditioning Technology -

Today, awareness of the air environment has changed significantly due to the epidemic of new infectious diseases.
As co-living with infectious diseases is unavoidable, measures against airborne infections are needed.
In Singapore, the vaccination rate has exceeded 80%, and the government is now focusing on easing of COVID-19 restrictions.
While infectious disease authorities and office environment experts are emphasizing the importance of "ventilation" as a countermeasure against airborne infections, Daikin, a leading company in air-conditioning equipment, is working to improve air quality through air-conditioning technology.

Challenges of Engineers - Evolving Air-Purification Technology -

Now that we have entered the "With Corona Era," air purification is gathering attention as an infection prevention measure.
In June 2021, Daikin conducted an experiment with a Thai university institution and succeeded in inactivating the new coronavirus with Daikin's original air purification technology "Streamer."
In addition, Daikin has commercialized an air purifier equipped with the latest sterilization technology "UVC LED" for the first time in the industry. ※1
※1 As introduced the ACB50X on March 1, 2021 for commercial air purifiers in Japan.

Change the World with Air - Aiming for Carbon Neutrality -

The world is now accelerating towards “decarbonization.”
Daikin, the number one air conditioner manufacturer, is also starting to move toward carbon neutrality.
Daikin aims to reduce 2019 CO2 emission levels by 100% or more in 2050.
In addition to energy-saving products, we also provide solutions that save energy in buildings and entire cities.
We focus on Daikin, a company that provides solutions through air, and its serious efforts and commitment toward carbon neutrality.