Mould-Proof Operation

When cooling or dry operation is stopped, fan-only operation runs automatically for one hour. This airflow dries the inside of the indoor unit to reduce the generation of mould and the odours caused by mould.

Inverter Powerful Operation

Inverter Powerful Operation boosts cooling performance for a 20-minute period. This is convenient both when you first turn on your air conditioner and when you want to quickly change the temperature during operation.

Priority setting with Inverter Powerful Operation

When Inverter Powerful Operation is selected in the priority room, the indoor unit capacity in the priority room is increased by shifting capacity from units in other rooms. After 20 minutes, all units automatically return to their original settings.
Note: Capacity in other rooms may decrease slightly.

Intelligent Eye

Intelligent Eye with its infrared sensor automatically controls air conditioner operation according to human movement in a room. When there is no movement, it adjusts the temperature by 2 ̊C for energy savings. Intelligent Eye is available for all wall-mounted models.

When you are in the room

When you go out


Indoor Unit


Outdoor Unit
Indoor Unit

Wall-mounted type

Duct-connected type (700 mm width)

Duct-connected type (900/1,100 mm width)

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