Main Features

Energy saving

Higher Coefficient of Performance (COP)


Quiet operation

Night time quiet operation function


Cutting-edge Technologies

Collection of cutting-edge technologies realises efficient and quiet operation

The high efficiency compressor to achieve a higher COP


Design Flexibility and Simplified Installation

Connectable up to 14 indoor units

As many as 14 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit, making the VRV IS S series a remarkably versatile system.

Note: Total capacity index of connectable indoor units must be 50-130% of the capacity index of the outdoor unit. Refer to page 42 for the maximum number of connectable indoor unit.

Automatic test operation

Simply press the test operation button and the unit will perform an automatic system check, including wiring, stop valves, piping, and refrigerant charging amount. The results then returned automatically after the check finishes.

Simple wiring and piping connection

Unique piping and wiring systems make it possible to install a VRV IV S series quickly and easily.

Super wiring system

A super wiring system is used to enable shared use of the wiring between indoor and outdoor units and the central control wiring, with a relatively simple wiring operation. The DIII-NET communication system is employed to enable the use of advanced control systems.

REFNET piping system

Daikin's advanced REFNET piping system makes installation easy. Only two main refrigerant lines are required in any one system. REFNET greatly reduces the imbalances in refrigerant flow between units, while using small-diameter piping.

Makes the long piping design possible

Long piping length offers flexibility in the choice of installation positions, and simplifies system planning.

When only VRV indoor units are connected

When a mixed combination of VRV and residential indoor units is connected or when only residential indoor units are connected


Related Services


Indoor Unit Lineup

Enhanced range of choices

A mixed combination of VRV indoor units and residential indoor units can be combined into one system, opening the door to stylish and quiet indoor units.

VRV indoor units

Residential indoor units with connection to BP units

Note: BP units are necessary for residential indoor units.

VRV indoor units combine with indoor units, all in one system.


Individual Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units

Navigation Remote Controller (Wired remote controller) (Option)

Simple operation

Energy Saving



Wireless remote controller (Option)

Simplified remote controller (Option)

Integrated Building Monitoring System

Advanced Control Systems for VRV Indoor Units

One touch selection enables flexible control of equipment in a building.

For Energy Saving & Comfort

intelligent Touch Manager maximises the advantages of VRV features

intelligent Touch Manager is an advanced multi-zone controller that provides the most cost-effective way to control and monitor the Daikin VRV system.
The 10.4" LCD touch screen is easy to use with three different screen views to include the floor plan layout view, icon view and list view and menus for system configurations.
It is also easy to use with standardized remote Web Access from your PC.
It can manage a total of 650 management points consisting of up to 512 Daikin indoor unit groups (up to 1024 indoor units) along with building equipment control / monitoring with Digital Inputs / Output (Di/Dio), Analog Inputs / Output (Ai/Ao) and Pulse input (Pi) optional devices.


VRV IV S series
Outdoor unit combinations

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