• Water-Cooled Scroll Chiller


In response to the needs for the medium temperature range (15 – 25 ⁰C) requirement for the industrial use, Daikin expands the range of cooled water to 4 – 25 ⁰C from the conventional range of 4 – 16 ⁰C, enabling wide temperature range operation by a single unit. The water cooled chilling unit can supply stable cooled water throughout the year without being affected by any ambient temperature change. It also sufficiently supports the cooling process where a wide range of temperature control is required.

Key features
  • Ranked Top in industry for Space-saving and Easy Installation
  • Modular Design enables installation of multiple unit with different capacities

Adaptation of new type of double pipe heat exchanger for water cooled condenser greatly improves the stress proof against the unclean cooling water.


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