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Daikin D’SmartHome technology promises to provide your living space with an enhanced lifestyle of comfort, convenience, home ecosystems, security and entertainment. With D’SmartHome system, electronic devices and appliances can be connected to communicate with each other as well as with you. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you can seamlessly control your air conditioners, lightings, security systems, or even air purifiers from your smartphone. Backed by the highest quality standards and reliability, Daikin proudly offers a wide range of integrated systems perfecting our cooling solutions, taking the air conditioning beyond its previous limitations and generating additional values for you.

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Smart Air-Conditioner (Monitor, control and advanced self diagnostic messenger)
  • Intelligent Diagnosis
    - Self-diagnosis provides performance data of air conditioning system
    - Receive alert notification on smart device with error code if system is faulty
  • Smart Remote Controller
    - Replace the conventional remote controller and control your air conditioner from anywhere (at home or on-the-go)
    - Pre-cool and make adjustment to home temperature while at workplace or on hot day
  • Fuss-free Smart Monitoring
    - No more worries about forgetting to turn off the air conditioner when you are away from home
    - D’SmartHome gives you piece of mind with the ability to monitor your air conditioning system even when you are away from home
Air Purifier with Indoor Air Quality (Alert when poor air quality is detected. 1st and only air purifier in the industry tested to eliminate PM 1.0 air particles)
  • Daikin’s Streamer Technology
    - Daikin Streamer Technology is a type of Plasma Discharge
    - It’s high speed electrons can effectively remove 99% of bacteria, viruses and allergens
    - Clean and purified air all around with its 6-layer air purifying technology
  • Tested to Eliminate PM1.0 Air Pollutants
    - Daikin Air Purifier is the ONE AND ONLY air purifier tested to effectively remove PM1.0 air pollutants
  • Remote Control for Your Air Purifier
    - Receive alert notification if poor air quality is detected by indoor air quality sensor
    - Allows you to activate the purifier with just a simple tap no matter where you are


Home Energy Management System (HEMS) (Keep track of electricity cost by monitoring the usage)
  • Enables you to monitor, control and analyse your energy consumption on your smartphone
Smart Plug-in Switch (Control device remotely and measure the energy consumption)
  • Transform ordinary electrical outlet to smart switch outlets
  • Enabling power ON/OFF on smart devices alongside with energy consumption monitoring


Smart Digital Lock (Keyless system to lock and unlock doors)
  • Lock and unlock your doors remotely via Smartphone from anywhere
  • Check if your door is locked or unlocked and even allow guest to enter remotely
Surveillance Camera (Act as electronic eyes to track the house safely)
  • Keep your kids and family safe with intelligent surveillance camera
  • Monitor your house anytime from anywhere
  • Integrate with other smart security devices to further enhance the protection of your assets.
Smoke Detector (Trigger alert when smoke is detected)
  • Smoke detector will alert you on your phone when it detects smoke, prompting you to seek for assistance
  • It will also sound off the alarm, which you can switch it off remotely
Door & Window Sensor (Receive notification if the door/window is not fully closed)
  • For an enhanced security system, door and window sensors are great choice to monitor and protect entry points for your home
  • Notifications will be received if the door/window is open or closed, preventing possible dangers
  • Sensors can be seamlessly fitted into any interior design and are easily mounted to many places
Motion Sensor (Detect movements & triggers security devices or favourite scenes)
  • Device can be integrated with motion sensors that detect lighting, climate and movements to trigger preset scenes, monitor and notify the home status of your loved ones. (ie. An elderly whom lives alone)
Video Doorbell & Audio Intercom System (Communicate with visitor remotely. Assess through visual recognition)
  • View and speak with your visitors on smartphone when they arrive or attend to deliveries even when you are away
  • Customizing the setting of the door chimes via your smartphone


Motorized Curtain (Automation of curtains for greater convenience)
  • Let your curtains gently wake you up with bright sunlight in the morning or retreat yourself with the cosiness for your bedtime
  • Home curtains can now be automated with D’SmartHome solution, providing the luxury experience of a hands-free home
Lightings (Monitor and control to enhance the atmosphere or promote the overall wellness through optimal lighting)
  • Apart from ON/OFF, you can also adjust the brightness and colour of your home lightings.
  • Activates a preset lighting scene through smartphone without touching any conventional switches to suit the mood.
Voice Assistant (Take on commands and perform the action, fully use of voice.)
  • As your personal butler, the voice assistant recognize your vocal command to control your home and organize your busy lifestyle.
  • Just speak to activate various smart devices or scenes without having to free up your hands while you are busy.


General FAQ

What is the D’SmartHome Solution and how does it work?

The Daikin system is a wireless smart home automation system. With Daikin’s Smart Hub, it allows you to integrate and control electrical appliances and devices in your home for various lifestyles and solutions.

Can I just download the D'SmartHome App on my phone and start using the solution?

In order to utilize the D'SmartHome Solution, you will need to purchase the D'SmartHome Hub. Without the Hub, the Mobile App will not work. For purchasing of the D’SmartHome Hub, you can contact Daikin ProShop or visit E-Proshop to find out more.

Alternatively, you can also contact us at 6311 8684 or for more information.

Is the D’SmartHome Solution a wired or wireless solution?

For D’SmartHome Solution, we have the options for customers to choose if they would like their set up to be wired or wireless.

Wired and wireless installations have their pros and cons. Some of the commonly face considerations are as below:

Considerations Wire Installation Wireless Installation
Cost Higher Lower unless additional Network Access Points are required
Aesthetic Wiring exposed unless concealed No wiring
Stability More stable due to contact Subjected to network infrastructure
Response Fast due to contact Subjected to network speed
Installation Cumbersome and require more time Ease of installation and faster

As automation requirement always differ from one’s usage to another, our SmartHome Specialist will be glad to assist customers in customizing the ideal solution for their unique needs.

Can I buy additional devices for D’SmartHome to expand the solution?

Yes, you can. With the wireless communication between the devices, expansion of D’SmartHome can be achieved with new compatible modules and devices subsequently.

How do I log in to my system from a new mobile device?

You need to download the D’SmartHome app and sign in with the necessary security login details provided by Daikin. For first time log in, the mobile device need to be in the same network as the D’SmartHome Hub.

What is the warranty duration for the D’SmartHome Solution?

The warranty period for D’SmartHome Solution covers 1 year on smart devices and 3 months for installation/integration related troubleshooting.

Can the D’SmartHome Hub be exported to be used worldwide?

No. There is different communication protocol for different countries, and it is regional dependent. The retail model of D’SmartHome Hub in Singapore may not be used by other countries due to local wireless protocol regulations.

Is the D’SmartHome Hub approved by the Singapore Authority?

Yes, The D’SmartHome Hub is approved for use by Singapore Infocomm Media Development Authority (IMDA) under registration number: N1721-20.

Features FAQ

Is D'SmartHome on IOS and Android platform?

The D’SmartHome Solution is available on both iOS and Android mobile Platforms. You can have a combination of both iOS and Android app users accessing to a common solution.

Is there a wired tablet for D’SmartHome Solution?

The D’SmartHome Solution App can be downloaded into any Apple or Android tablet with compatible version of operating system for tablet control. Users just need to download the D’SmartHome App in the tablet and log in using the same credentials they registered via the phone to achieve this.

Please note that for the first time sign in, the tablet must be under the same network with the D’Smarthome Hub for initialization.

How many user accounts can I create in D’SmartHome?

There is no limitation on the number of user accounts that can be created per house. The Administrative access holder of the household will be able to create secondary user accounts for other users.

Can I restrict user access on D'SmartHome Solution?

Yes, access control limitation is available in D'smarthome apps. The Master Admin User will be able to limit the access of the other users.

Can I set scheduling for my devices?

Yes, Scheduling function is available in D'smarthome App. Home user can set the schedule of the devices based on their preference.

How many rooms can the D’SmartHome Solution control?

There is not limitation to the number of rooms that can be created in the D’Smarthome solution for partitioning of smart controls.

Can I use voice to control my D’SmartHome Solution?

Yes, presently D’SmartHome Solution is supported by Google Nest Hub, Google Home and Google Home Mini.

Installation FAQ

What do I have to prepare for installation of my D’SmartHome Solution?

Usually, a non-obligated pre-site consultation will be arranged (although not necessary) to understand and assess the requirement by the customer on smart solution. Thereafter on the date of installation, owner has to ensure that the internet connection and router is up for any wireless smart device installation.

Can I add on additional smart devices by myself?

D’SmartHome is a deployed solution which integration and commissioning is required by Daikin’s Smart Home Specialist. Thus, Owners would not be able to add on or configure additional smart devices by themselves. For devices add on or solution expansion, kindly contact Daikin @6311 8684 or email us at

Can I purchase my own Light Fitting?

Yes. You can purchase your own light fitting as Daikin only provide the wireless module to automate the lighting point.

Suitable light fittings:

• 230V halogen and incandescent light

• 12V ELV halogen lamps and dimmable LED bulbs with transformers.

• 12V MLV halogen lamps

• Dimmable fluorescent CFL tube lamps

Alternatively, you can get in touch with our Smart Solution Specialists at 6311 8684 or email us at to find out more before proceeding with your purchase.

Can I automate my Curtain or Roller Blind?

The pre-requisite for the automation of curtains or roller blinds is that there must be a motorized track in place. The motorized track for the curtain or blind has to be installed by the owner with a power point being provisioned. However, if customer would like Daikin to assist in the installation of the motorized track, we will be glad to provide a one stop service in recommending our preferred partners to assist.

Network and Basic Troubleshooting FAQ

When the solution or smart devices does not seem to be working, you can carry out the following checking steps first:

1. Check the Battery Level

2. Check the Power Connection

3. Check the WiFi Connection

4. Ensure that cable is tightly connected

5. Shut down and power off the SmartHub before restarting it (Please allow 30 minutes to 2 hours after restarting to allow the Z-Wave network to repair itself and establish the mesh coverage)

If the issue still does not resolve, kindly contact Daikin hotline 6311 8684 or 6311 8686(Option 6 Smart home Solution) for assistance. Alternatively, you can write into us at

How do I perform basic troubleshooting of my router?

1. Check that the router is switched on.

2. Check the signal and that your power cable, and other wires, are connected snugly.

3. Disable the wireless connection on your computer and connect it directly to the LAN port of the router. If it is not working, then the router could be faulty

4. Check router settings.

5. It is recommended to contact your Internet Service Provider if the issue does not resolve.

How can I improve the WiFi signal when the signal is weak?

There are various methods in improving home WiFi Signals. Home owners can choose the following options:

1. Upgrade Router to widen network coverage

2. Install WiFi repeater to enhance the WiFi signal

3. Upgrade home network infrastructure through carrying out of Heat Mapping surveys and installation of Access Points

Shall you require assistance on enhancing your network coverage with Smart Home Solution, kindly contact Daikin hotline 6311 8684 or 6311 8686 (Option 6 Smart home Solution) for assistance. Alternatively, you can write into us at

Where should I place my Smart Hub at home?

The Smart Hub is recommended to be placed next to the WIFI modem for minimum wiring, as the Hub will be connected to the WiFi modem through LAN cable. Ideally, there should be no obstruction of the Hub and WiFi router and both components are to be exposed than hidden to enhance the coverage.

Warranty Terms & Conditions

  1. Daikin Air-conditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd shall undertake to replace any defective parts of the equipment deployed by Daikin free of charge, provided if the smart home solution/ devices have been used as per accordance to the operating instructions.
  2. The warranty shall become void under the following situations:
    1. Tampering, alteration, modification, misuse or devices being dropped.
    2. Damage caused by defective wiring or by operating the Smart Home Devices on incorrect voltage or fluctuations or interruptions in the electrical power supply.
    3. Damages resulting from act of God such as fire, lightning strike or flood.
    4. Equipment is connected to other brand / make other than recommended devices.
  3. This warranty also does not cover the following: -
    1. Electric bulbs, fuses, batteries, internal and external finishing.
    2. General servicing of the equipment.
  4. Our responsibility under this Warranty ends if the original purchaser: -
    1. Relocate the smart devices / solution to another premise.
    2. Exports the smart devices / solution out of Singapore.
    3. Attempt to tamper or reconfigure the smart solution by themselves or any third parties other than Daikin Singapore
  5. Daikin Singapore will not be responsible for any loss of property due to malfunctions or defects of the product/ solution.
  6. Internet network connectivity and coverage issues are between the arrangement of Home Owners and their Internet Service Providers. Owners are advised to check their home internet connection or power supply first in event of control failure. In the event, a visit during the warranty period, that is not due to Daikin deployed device or integration issue, labor and transportation fees will be levied.

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