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Daikin Remote Monitoring System offers the smart choice for building owners# to monitor, predict and earn maximum savings. Being the first to offer 24-hours access to updated diagnostics via multiple outputs, our system also provides continuous monitoring and automatic adjustments for air-conditioning systems. We help building owners reduce their HVAC energy expenses by up to 20%. With technology as intuitive as Daikin Remote Diagnosis System, building owners receive first-hand alerts of any service disruption and malfunctions in advance. Additionally, building owners attain more response time to rectify and address issues.

#Owners who use VRVIII or later models only.

  • Fault Management

    A Smartphone and Web dashboard provide you an overview of your air-conditioning system condition. *T&C apply


    Building owners can control their energy consumption for more savings and achieve Return on Investment (ROI) within the first year. *T&C apply


    Obtain up-to-date fault and prediction reports and alerts via SMS, email or mobile application. This allows users to organise maintenance plans effectively. *T&C apply

  • Green Building

    Continuously monitor air-conditioning system efficiency and earn Green Mark points with consistent observation and system malfunction analysis. *T&C apply


    Enhanced efficiency and reduced administrative documentation ensures low repair cost for your budget. *T&C apply


  • Predicts up to 80% of malfunctions

  • Save up to 20% on energy expenditure

  • Up to 3 additional years of equipment lifespan

  • 24/7 monitoring,
    365 days a year

  • Save up to $50k on annual maintenance

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Our Clients

Remote Monitoring System has connected to more than 100 buildings.
Some of our clients include:
















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