Reiri for Office Solution allows users to monitor and control the air conditioning system through smartphone or tablet from anywhere. This smart control system provides higher levels of comfort and convenience for occupants while also improving the efficiency at low investment cost.

Perfect for offices, retail, hospitality, education institutions and other businesses.



Energy Management

Easily track monthly energy usage through trend graphs and reports


Cost Management

Optimise and monitor expenditure with the tenant billing function 



Pre-set and activate multiple facilities suited to different situations with a simple press of a button 


Time Efficiency

Save time and conveniently access all facilities on the same floor at your fingertips  


Remote Access

Save hassle and control building facilities wherever you are with your smartphones, tablets or PCs






Reiri for Office App

  • Schedule

  • Device List

  • AC Temperature Setting

  • Energy Monitoring

  • IAQ Monitoring


  • Energy Savings

    Save energy usage with smart temperature and lighting controls in the workplace.

  • Ease of Operations

    Staff have access to control temperature directly from their phones.

  • Efficiency Improvement

    Automate tasks and achieve professional goals faster.

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