The Power to Create
the Air of the Future

Daikin strives to provide not only air conditioning but also total comfort in environments through air. Here are some of the technologies, initiatives, and inspirations that will help us achieve this goal.

The Four Elements

Temperature, Humidity, Cleanliness, and Airflow. These four elements make up the comfort of air, and the job of air conditioning is to control them for each space.

Daikin Skillfully Controls the Four Elements

As a specialist in air conditioner manufacturing, Daikin has thoroughly studied these elements and leveraged its technologies and achievements to provide comfort in regions throughout the world, contributing to better lives and better health.

Beyond the Four Elements

Daikin’s vision is to become a manufacturer that brings comfort to whole environments. This requires the creation of comfortable air that suits the purpose of each environment.
To make this possible, we are working on technologies that enable combined control of air pressure, carbon dioxide, light, sound, brightness, smell, nitrogen, oxygen, and other factors based on the four key elements for air conditioning in order to not only provide comfort but also help all people sharing the environment focus and thrive in their daily lives.

Advancing the Future of Air

To control entire environments through air and positively influence the people in each environment. This is Daikin’s vision for the future of air, one unlike any seen before.
To make this vision a reality, we are engaged in research and development at our Technology and Innovation Center, our core R&D hub, and through joint industry-academia initiatives.
And to provide this unprecedented concept, we have formed a technological group focused on researching “all things other than heating and cooling”. Their research will incorporate the wisdom of experts not only in air conditioning, but also fields such as biology, brain science, and AI information analysis.

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