Chemical-Free Water Treatment (Decalon™)


DeCaIonTM (DCI) is a revolutionary solution offered by Daikin to eliminate scale, prevent corrosion and bio-fouling automatically in cooling water systems. Through applied electro-chemistry and an intelligent controller, DCI removes water hardness from cooling systems without the need for hazardous chemicals. This Green Innovation not only provides a sustainable and scalable solution to large building HVAC systems and industrial chiller circuits, but also saves energy, water, maintenance and chemical costs in cooling water management.




  1. Dissolves and removes existing hardness and silica scales and prevents future occurrence continuously
  2. DCI + CataGreen enhances the overall performance by preventing bio-fouling effectively
  3. Removes Dissolved Oxygen and reduces Oxidation Reduction Potential (ORP) to prevent growth of algae
  4. Creates an alkaline environment to control corrosion and to increase Silica solubility


  • Provide all-in-one solution to remove scales, prevent corrosion & disinfect water simultaneously.
  • Clean and green technology to eliminate hazardous chemical usage.
  • Stand-alone system, no altering of existing piping system required.
  • Intelligent automated control operating 24/7 with little human involvement.



Energy Savings

  • Achieve energy savings between 7% - 25%
  • Enjoy water savings of about 50%
  • Reduction in CO2 Emission/ Footprint
  • Green Technology

Costs Savings

  • Cost Effective-short ROI
  • Low operating and maintenance costs
  • Reduction in labor cost

Efficiency Improvement

  • Reduces scaling and improve cooling efficiency
  • Better comfort and productivity

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