People-Centered Management

Where The People Matters

At DSP, we have a high regard for our people. We believe that if we do our best to help our people grow and succeed, our people, in turn, will do their best for our company and our customers.

We make business decisions with our people in mind, provide our people with tremendous opportunities to develop themselves professionally, support them to perform at their best and recognize them accordingly.

This is the commitment DSP makes to its people, with the aim to instill the values of Pride and Loyalty in our people and Passion and Perseverance for the work that they do.

Nurturing Human Resources

At Daikin, we believe that the cumulative growth of all Group members serves as the foundation for the Group’s development. That’s why we strive to create an environment in which employees can use their talents to the fullest in carrying out exciting and rewarding work. Nurturing globally-minded human resources is a core strategy of Daikin’s strategic management plan.

Daikin Group is committed to People-Centered Management (PCM) or “hitokijiku”, placing top priority on increasing the understanding, acceptance, and motivation of its people. The underlying thinking focuses on the importance of creating workplaces where employees’ purpose in their work provides for their greatest motivation in life, leading to an enthusiastic working attitude and a sense of challenge, demonstrating their full potential, and achieving growth.

DSP Talent Management Strategy

Recognizing people as the key to its success, Daikin has in place a talent management strategy that focuses on attracting and retaining talent within the organization. Our first Future Leaders Program (FLP) was launched with a purpose of nurturing talents and providing employees with opportunities to take on new challenges in the workplace.

Program employees from different departments formed project groups, tackling real business issues. By doing this, not only did the program align with business goals, participants were also engaged and committed throughout the high impact learning process. We believe that such initiatives can help the company attract and retain its talents, through empowering employees with decision-making ability.



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