3+1 Service & Maintenance package

With the ongoing virus outbreak and the importance of having clean and healthy air quality, DAIKIN is introducing the NEW 3+1 Servicing package which comes with 1 session of Steam Cleaning service and 3 sessions of General Servicing routine for all Airconditioning Indoor units in the residence. It is highly recommended to customers who wants good cooling air flow with healthy air quality at an affordable price (more than 30% savings).



Q: Why is Steam Cleaning essential?

A: Other than cleaning and flushing the cooling coil with intensive high pressurized steam, Steam Cleaning service can prolong the lifespan of the Airconditioning unit and is also capable of eliminating viruses, bacteria, mould, odour, and other harmful impurities. Since the CoVid-19 virus outbreak, Daikin Steam Cleaning service has been receiving high demand request from both Commercial and Residential customers. 

Based on daily usage of 8 to 10 hours, it is recommended to do Steam Cleaning once every 10 months to 12 months as a preventive measure from choked cooling coil.


Q: What is the difference between Steam Cleaning service and Chemical Wash service?
Daikin Steam Cleaning Service Chemical Wash
Uses high pressurized steam; purely water Uses Chemical solutions
Environmentally friendly Might pollute drainage system
No risk of coil fins corrosion Might deteriorate coil fins
Chemical-free and healthy air Might have chemical residues on the coil
Q: What are the benefits of the NEW Daikin 3+1 Servicing package? 

A: The benefits of Daikin 3+1 Servicing package are as of follow:

  • Improves Air flow and cooling
  • Eliminates viruses and bacteria
  • Promotes clean and healthy air
  • No chemical solution used
  • No Pollution to Drainage System
  • No risk of coil fins corrosion
  • More than 30% savings on this package price
    *Fees for per session of Steam Cleaning for per Wall mounted Indoor unit is from $240.00 before GST depending on the model size.



Q: How much time will Steam Cleaning takes?

A: The process will approximately take 1 hour to 1 hour 30 mins to complete 1 Wall mounted model (depending on model size and unit location).

Q: Are there protective materials to cover the surrounding area during the process?

A: Yes, there are protective sheets and water collector funnel will be deployed to prevent water spillage.


*Currently, the 3+1 Servicing package only applies to HDBs and Condos only – for (RA) Wall-mounted Indoor unit models. If your residential type is not mentioned and will like to find out more, contact us today! 

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