Duct Cleaning

Air Ductings are normally not serviced and covered in a normal Maintenance contract. This requires special tools and equipment as well as well trained personnel to service. Without any servicing, the inside of the ducts will get very dusty with time,  leading to the air being breathed being dirty and unhealthy.

Daikin has invested heavily to provide a solution to keep the air ducting clean. 

We have 2 types of duct cleaning machines to cater for different sizes of air ducts:



Small and Medium Duct (up to 1 m in width or height)

Used highly compressed air to clean the small and medium sized air ducts

Large Duct (> 1 m in width or height)

Used Robot to clean the bigger sized ducts (suitable for commercial and industrial applications)

The amount of dust that can be collected after duct cleaning can be scary and unhealthy!


  • Avoid breathing difficulty or allergy triggered by unhealthy indoor air.
  • Effectively remove dust, mould and bacteria
  • Breath in healthier air as it improves air hygiene
  • Clean inside and outside of diffuser

Before Duct Cleaning                                               After Duct Cleaning

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