Air-side Optimisation (GET™ Control)

GET™ Control is a self-learning building intelligence system that utilises Artificial Intelligence (A.I) and Internet of Things (IoT) to optimise and regulate air-conditioning in buildings, based on changes in occupancy and ambient weather conditions. This innovative system which can connect to any building management system, enhances occupant well-being and thermal comfort, while maximizing energy and operational efficiency



  1. Monitors and controls all factors that impact thermal comfort in the building
  2. Learns the behaviors of buildings, adapts and applies predictive AI controls to achieve further energy optimization.
  3. Utilisation of dynamic airflow balancing techniques to reduce wastage and over-cooling.


  • Real-time monitoring of indoor air quality, comfort, acoustics, light and thermal.
  • Includes the Singapore Indoor Environmental Quality score
  • Occupant feedback through an app
  • Dashboard for building operator with actionable insights
  • Indoor environmental quality insights
  • Linked to GET™ Engaged digital display


Energy Savings

  • Potentially save up to 30% on cooling energy
  • Potentially save up to 18% on carbon emissions
  • Green Mark incentive

Costs Savings

  • Reduction of energy cost
  • Good return of investment

Efficiency Improvement

  • Improve Operational efficiency
  • Better comfort and productivity
  • Efficient retrofit installation

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