Daikin Tightfit

Daikin Tightfit is a non-brazed connection suitable for pipping. There is no need for any special tools and, it meets stringent requirements in terms of safety and leak tightness.


Cross section of Tightfit


Sizes: ⌀6.4 - ⌀9.5


Sizes: ⌀12.7- ⌀34.9



Item Name Materials Remark
1 O-ring EPDM or NBR Prevent condensation from entering the joint
2 Nut C37700 High quality forged brass nut for tightening
3 Leverage corn SUS410 Corn shape grip on Copper pipe
4 Leverage ring PE-RT Support for Leverage corns (Item 3)
5 O-ring EPDM Secondary seal
6 V-seal IIR Primary seal (Main seal)
7 Main body C37700 High quality forged brass chassis
8 Indicator Luminous marking Fluorescent coating to ensure optimum tightness
9 C-shaped ring SUS304-WPB Tempering treatment





Cross section of Tightfit




Item Name Materials Remark
1 Main body C3771 Forged and Machined Brass
2 Nut C3771 Forged and Machined Brass
3 Gasket IIR Main sealing
4 O-ring EPDM Secondary sealing and moisture stopper
5 Indicator Luminous marker Green Color

WHY DGT/Tightfit?


✔️ Durable in high pressure and temperature

✔️ Easy Installation and Fire-free connection

✔️ No need to apply for hot work permit or station fire safety watchers onsite

✔️ Increase system reliability with no risk of copper oxide/soot in pipes due to brazing





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