Water-side Optimisation (iPlant Manager)

Smart buildings operate on the principle of real-time and continuous optimization of equipment operations to meet the dynamic needs of the end users.

Daikin’s iPlant Manager is developed to enable automated, closed-loop control and optimization of the chiller plant room via a BMS interface which can be integrated with other systems. Special features will be developed to work seamlessly with Daikin chillers, utilizing its analytical capabilities to carry out advanced diagnostics, efficiency verifications and then implement smart sequencing and dynamic setpoint controls to optimize system operations in real-time.



  1. Measurement and performance verification by calculating real-time data.
  2. Early fault detection that helps improve system efficiency and diagnostics.
  3. Overall Control and Optimisation using AI and Machine Learning.
  4. Management and monitoring by providing local and remote access.


  • Measure the process, enabling real-time comparisons of the measured actual efficiency versus design data
  • Allow early detection of faults, poor performance, and system degradation, providing excellent support for a condition-based maintenance regime.
  • Operate the plant room at the optimum efficiency, driven through real and measurable energy saving strategies
  • Operate stand-alone or can be natively integrated into a new or existing BMS
  • Ensure complete control of all HVAC devices in the plant room through its user-friendly interface


Energy Savings

  • Provide up to 40% savings on energy consumption
  • Minimize carbon emissions

Costs Savings

  • Minimum operation & maintenance related costs
  • Reduction of energy bill

Efficiency Improvement

  • Overall improvement in plantroom efficiency and space comfort conditions

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