Anti-bacteria Agents for Drain Pans to Suppress slime and Mold

Overflow can occur due to drain pans being filled with slime. This will cause bacteria grow in the slime which will affect your indoor air quality. Our Anti-Bacteria Agents (also known as silver ions) is known to prevent the formation of slime and mold. It is helpful to prevent smell and bacteria, that aids in preventing drain pan clogging. Our Anti-Bacteria Agents are applicable to all FCUs types.


  • Stops growth of bacteria, slime & mold 
  • Reduces maintenance
  • Easy to use for all types of air-conditioners
Anti-Bacteria Agents for Drain Pans

Installation Method

  1. Dismantle covers from indoor units and remove attached drain pan.
  2. Clean the drain pan before use. 
  3. Install it away from the drain outlet.
  4. Fix it firmly with tape after installation. 

Replacement Frequency

  1. Every 4 months 
  2. Replace if the agents is used up.


Product Name Applicable Model Part No. Dimensions (mm) Weight (g) Composition Price
Anti-Bacteria Agents (20g)



1985421 (1 piece)

300(W) x 200(H) x 50(D) 20

Boron compound (65%), 

Silver (2%)

Anti-Bacteria Agents (9g) Suitable for all types of FCU models

2118534 (1 piece)

148(W) x 50(H) x 10(D)


Boron compound (65%), 

Silver (2%)



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