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Lifestyles have changed dramatically with people spending far more time indoors.
Consequently the awareness of air quality has risen.

For instance the need for purified air is greater than ever, the ventilation system that expel polluted air from interior spaces is attracting attention and filtration methods that handle PM2.5 is demanded continuously.

Conventional air conditioning focuses solely on cooling or heating the air.
With DAIKIN we have a comprehensive answer for all air-quality concerns as we combine air conditioning with advanced ventilation to make the air fresh.

In addition our various filters capture harmful substances such as viruses in the room and DAIKIN Streamer Technology decomposes them.
Our technology creates pure air so that you enjoy every breath you take.

We provide advanced air-quality solutions to everyone.
Fresh & Pure, DAIKIN Air

‘Fresh’ Air

Our innovative ventilation solution expel polluted air in a room and introduce outside air through a filter so that you can enjoy fresh air indoors.


POINT 1Filter out PM2.5 and save energy while ventilating. * With PM2.5 Filtration Unit.
POINT 2It can be retrofitted.

Fresh Air Comfort

Air Conditioning

DAIKIN’s Air Conditioning
SkyAir / VRV


DAIKIN’s Heat Reclaim Ventilation


  • Heat Reclaim Ventilation

  • Heat Reclaim Ventilator with DX-Coil

  • Outdoor Air Processing Unit

  • Air Handling Unit

‘Pure’ Air

DAIKIN Streamer Technology purifies air by targeting viruses, moulds, bacteria, allergens, and other hazardous substances. It decomposes surface proteins, rendering them harmless.
Our innovative filtration system effectively captures harmful fine particles. Together with our Daikin Streamer Technology and our innovative filter will create pure air.


Air Purification

POINT 1DAIKIN Streamer Technology strongly decomposes harmful substances.
POINT 2Keep your indoor space clean using an air purifier with DAIKIN Streamer Technology.

Air Conditioning + Pure


  • MCK55

  • MC55

  • MC40

  • Ururu Sarara - FTXZ-N


Air Filters

POINT 1Daikin Air Filters are being used in environments like semiconductor factories, where the tiniest speck of dust cannot be tolerated.
POINT 2Daikin’s highly advanced Air Filters are being used in various places. Daikin air filters for every need.

Air Conditioning + Daikin Air Filters


  • For Room Air Conditioner

  • For Duct Indoor Unit

  • For Ceiling Mounted Cassette Indoor Unit

  • For Heat Reclaim Ventilation

  • For Air Handling Unit (AAF filters)


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