Supply chain management


In today’s business world, goods and services are sourced, shipped and delivered across the globe. Supply chains are dealing with issues such as sustainable production, environmental destruction, human rights including child labor and forced labor, and labor issues including working conditions and occupational health and safety. These issues have been reported frequently on the news and they raise awareness in consumers and NGOs. It is imperative that companies step up sustainability initiatives for their own good and their entire supply chain.    


Policy and Commitment

We are constantly looking out for business partners to share common profit and introduce new and innovative products useful for our society.

Purchasing Policy:

  • Fair relations based on an open door policy
    Provide open, equal, and fair opportunities for all companies, regardless of their locality, size, and sales results.
  • Look for good partners
    Procure from local as well as overseas vendors who provide innovative products at high quality and competitive prices.
  • Observe laws, and maintain confidentiality
    Observe laws on business dealings and respect the spirit of these laws.
  • Mutual growth through mutual trust
    Create open conditions for business dealings and respect free competition.
  • Promote CSR Procurement
    Work hand in hand with suppliers on fulfilling their social responsibilities, such as sustainable purchasing, environmental conservation, occupational safety and health, human rights, forced labor.

In our commitment to sustainable procurement, priorities will be given to vendors who share the same values.  

Green Procurement Policy


Initiatives and Actions

Potential partners are invited to complete our Vendor Evaluation Form to collect and assess information about the company. When considering the new vendor, priority will be given to the one who has obtained ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and is compliant with RoHS or REACH standard.

An Annual Green Procurement Inspection List is sent to our top suppliers to ensure that they have an environmental management system, comply with the applicable laws, manage chemical waste and take initiatives to reduce their carbon footprint.


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