HR Core Values

We adhere to the following HR core values that serve as a guide for continual growth and people excellence.

At DSP, where the people matter, these values help us to produce quality products and services for our customers as well as maintain harmonious personal relations among employees.

  • People

    We believe in training and developing our employees to maximize their potential and excel as an individual. Both job and core competencies are identified for employees, and development opportunities are provided so as to deepen their knowledge and sklls.

  • Support
    & Growth

    We believe that the cumulative growth of all employees serves as the foundation for DSP’s success. Hence, we provide a supportive environment for employees to grow, discover their strengths and play leading roles in DSP.

  • Pride &

    We create work environment that enables employees to have both pride and enthusiasm towards their work. Employees are involved in setting clear goals for themselves and are significantly rewarded in return, based on - not just rewarded with a compensation package that recognizes the value they bring to DSP, but also rewarded with a supportive environment where they can realize their full potential.

  • Mutual Trust &

    We are committed to creating an environment where harmonious personal relationships can be fostered. We respect and build on our differences, and we care for each other. We see value in sharing what we know while emplotees endeavour to fulfill their work responsibilities for the company.

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