Antimicrobial Treatment  

Antimicrobial Treatment is targeted at improving your Indoor Air Quality (IAQ), be it at residential or commercial premises!  This treatment consists of 3 main additives (Titanium Dioxide, Silver Ions, Quaternary Ammonium) that maximizes the antimicrobial and self-cleaning properties when applied on indoor unit cooling coil. With its unique feature, the spread of microorganisms such as bacteria and fungi including mold will be slowed down or killed.

On top of these crucial features, our Antimicrobial Treatment is ozone free, non-flammable and water-based, thus is environmentally friendly. This treatment also protects your air-conditioning equipment against several corrosive environmental condition with its superior corrosion protection feature.



Improve Indoor Air Quality (IAQ)

Reduce electricity usage, resulting in cost savings

Improve efficiency of air-conditioning equipment

Increase lifespan of air-conditioning equipment

Easy maintenance with its anti-microbial and self-cleaning properties

ASTM Certified Test

Standard Description Conditions Result Remark
G21 Anti-Fungi Test 28 days Pass  
G22 Anti-Bacteria Test 28 days Pass  
G85-A5 Acidified Salt Spray Test 1000/3000h Good  
G87 Moist SO2 Test 50  Cycles Pass  
B117 Salt Spray Test 10000h Pass  
D4798 UV Exposure Test

1000 hours

Weathering, Xenon Arc Test Method


Rating scale 0 – 10

(10 = highest)

D5894 UV Corrosion Exposure Test

1000 hours

Cyclic Corrosion/UV Exposure of Painted Metal


Rating scale 0 – 10

(10 = highest)

D2794 Impact Resistance Test Effect of rapid deformation Good


D522 Flexibility Test Method B: flexibility and adhesion Excellent No Cracking Detected; 100% Adhesion

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Description Types of Treatment
Coating Antimicrobial Treatment
Applicable Product Range (Air Side)
  • Single & Multi Split unit
  • Skyair
  • Variable Refrigerant Volume Unit (VRV)
  • Package Unit
  • Air Handling Unit
Applicable Coating Component Indoor Evaporator Coil
Coating Thickness <10μm
Colour Light Grey

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