Energy optimisation  

Energy Optimisation is a process of fine tuning of the air-conditioning equipment operations and settings to achieve better overall energy efficiency. This energy optimisation process may involve carrying out minor retrofits and replacement works to improve overall system performance.

Daikin will undertake to provide the engineering expertise to study the existing air-conditioning equipment and specifications, propose recommended improvement measures and carry out approved implementations to achieve the targeted energy savings all in a turn-key package.  In addition to plantroom optimisation which covers the chiller plant system, we are also able to carry out energy optimisation of the air-distribution systems serving the building facility.

Some of the energy optimization solutions we offer include:

  • Provide engineering expertise to fine-tune air-conditioning system controls to improve overall system performance
  • Install necessary instrumentation and equipment to monitor and improve overall system performance
  • Adopt high efficiency electronically commutated (EC) fans for air-handling units to reduce power consumption



  • Study of existing air-conditioning system and operations
  • Proposals for energy optimisation of the existing  air-conditioning  equipment with details of recommended optimisation measures
  • Monthly chiller plant operational reports (post retrofit) with the achieved system efficiencies each month
  • Report of monthly air-conditioning system performance and savings
  • Consolidation of savings over the duration of the contract
  • Re-conciliation of the achieved savings with the utility billing from the service providers



Energy Savings

  • Reap energy savings with equipment/system operating at their best efficiencies
  • Quick turnaround for energy savings
  • Reduce carbon emissions

Costs Savings

  • Minimal upfront costs
  • Shortest implementation schedules with good payback potential

Efficiency Improvement

  • Overall improvement in plantroom efficiency and space comfort conditions


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