Occupational Safety and Health



Workplace Safety and Health is an integral part of our business operations.

Besides investing heavily in specialised WSH equipment, Daikin also has safety professionals providing WSH advice and assistance to its technicians at various worksites on a daily basis.

We encourage safe work practices by recognising and rewarding Service Teams at our annual Service Partner Awards.

We have also developed safety training to share our expertise and best practices with the industry and promote safer air-conditioning works.


Being a bizSAFE Partner, Daikin is committed to promoting a strong WSH culture among its stakeholders.


Our Service Partners are all required to achieve bizSAFE Level 3 certification within a year of joining Daikin.



Daikin strongly believes that the investment in WSH has paid off and has resulted in more business opportunities. The reputation of having good WSH records and procedures in place has also helped them gain the trust and confidence from potential customers.

Workplace Safety and Health Policy

Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd aims to be a Safety and Health Organisation while providing high standard of performance in our products as well as services.

This policy applies to the company premises, activities of the company and controlled equipment.

In fulfilment to the applicable requirements stated in the Workplace Safety and Health Act, Workplace Safety and Health (Risk Management) Regulations and other legal legislations,

  • We are committed to communicate our safety and health concerns to our staff and contractors.
  • We are committed to integral safety and health as part of our daily work and culture in fulfilment of our products and services liabilities.
  • We are committed to take timely and proper actions on any emerging safety and health hazards and ensure continuous improvement in maintaining a safe and healthy working environment.

Our principal goal is to improve Safety and Health management through periodic inspection, audit and review, as well as to eliminate injuries and illness in our workplaces.

Promotional programs aimed at demonstrating the Company's commitment in establishing an effective safety management system are implemented yearly. This will provide and maintain a safe and healthy working environment.

The promotional activities include:

Display of Safety Policy

Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte Ltd. displays its safety policy at prominent locations around the premises.

Safety Information Board

Safety news,  accident statistics and other safety promotional materials  are displayed on the safety information board where all employees could view them.


Safety Talk and Video Shows

Regular safety talks and safety videos are conducted and shown to technicians during safety orientation and Safety Briefings.

Van and Tools Inspection and Disinfection

Vans and Tools for Service Teams are inspected once every year to ensure the teams are adequately and safely equipped to carry out their jobs.

Tools Inspection



With the Covid Pandemic situation in Singapore, we also disinfect all our vehicle fleets and tools to provide for a safe environment for our customers.

Van Disinfection



Electrical Tools Inspection

The electrical tools that our service teams use onsite are inspected every six months by electrical professionals to ensure safe electrical working by our technicians.



Workplace Safety and Health Inspection

Our jobsites are regularly visited by our Safety Professions to ensure safety compliance by our Service Teams onsite.



Recognition of Good Safety Performance

The Company should, as part of its safety promotional program, recognizes and acknowledges good safety performance.

Service Teams which exceled in Safety are recognized in our yearly Service Partner Awards.


Safety Awards

Performance Index

Daikin Singapore aspire to eliminate workplace injuries and ensure the well-being, health and safety of our colleagues and service partners.

We strive to lead in implementing best practices in workplace safety & health in the air-conditioning industry.

Our objectives are to reduce Accident frequency rate (AFR), Accident severity rate (ASR), Near miss (NM), Fatality rate (FR), Occupational disease rate (ODR) below the set benchmark in line with MOM national WSH statistics.

We will continuously increase our site safety inspections, impose demerit points for poor safety performance & will take account of appropriate risk controls measures for a safer & healthier workplace for each and everyone.


Personnel – Staff FY20 FY21 FY22
Accident Frequency Rate 1.8 1.29 0.94
Accident Severity Rate 83 2.6 4.7
Near Miss 0 0 0
Fatality Rate 0 0 0
Occupational Disease 0 0 0
Personnel – Partners FY20 FY21 FY22
Accident Frequency Rate 0 0 0
Accident Severity Rate 0 0 0
Near Miss 0 3 0
Fatality Rate 0 0 0
Occupational Disease 0 0 0



Work Life Harmony


Mental health in the workplace is top of mind for everyone these days. It has a significant impact on how we live our lives, including how we work. Supporting mental health in the workplace is no longer a nice-to-have, but a necessity.
Daikin will continue to prioritise the health, safety and well-being of our employees. This is supported by our mental wellness workshops, which allow our employees to understand and improve mental wellbeing. The workshops also encourage bonding and communications among our employees.


Understanding Mental Wellbeing Workshop

Employment Wellness

At Daikin, we believed that employees involved in wellness programs are healthier and experience more job satisfaction. They are more engaged and less absent from work. Our comprehensive employee wellness program can also help to keep our employees productive and happy and make it easier to attract new talent. These programs are crucial to our employees and our organization’s health and wellbeing. Helping and motivating our employees to stay healthy has a direct effect on the productivity, and thereby profits, of the company.

The Wellness Committee is formed by volunteers from different departments, and they planned activities to promote good health, wellness and build rapport & harmony among all employees in the Company.

Policy and Commitment

The wellness programs are designed to enhance employees’ engagement and teamwork. It is in line with Daikin’s practice of People-Centred Management (PCM), where the Company believes that “People are the source of its competitiveness” and the “Cumulative growth of all Group members serve as the foundation for the Group’s development”; “People is fundamentally good” and aims to “Build a true trustworthy relationship with a human touch and warmth of the heart” to draw out the motivation, understanding, and acceptance of all employees of DSP into one collective force.

The committee focuses on 2 main functional areas:

1) Sports & Healthy Lifestyle Programs
Programs to promote a healthy lifestyle such as health talks, workshops, cooking lessons & sports activities

2) Corporate Events
Programs to enhance team spirit & establish communications and harmony among employees. CSR events & activities to contribute to society. Examples are Team Bonding Trip, Retreats, Fund Raising Charity Events

COVID-19 measures to keep our employees safe

The safety and well-being of Daikin Singapore’s clients and employees are the company’s top priority in these uncertain times. We closely follow guidance from local health authorities, and we are constantly monitoring the evolving situation as we stand ready to adapt our efforts and responses. These include implementing workplace safe management measures and practices such as telecommuting, split team, staggered work hours, safe distancing and wearing of masks.

To further enhance the workforce health and wellbeing, the company:

  • Provided complimentary temporary accommodations for foreign employees who wished to stay and continue to work in Singapore.
  • Provided complimentary lunch for employees who work onsite during Heightened Alert period.
  • Allowed time-off for employees to take vaccinations.
  • Allowed employees to take “Remote Working Leave” during overseas trips (business or private) while serving quarantine.
  • Installed additional food vending machines

  • Stepped up online learning and web base training for staff to acquire new skills while working from home.

  • Adopted weekly ART testing for all onsite employees to ensure the safety of employees.

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