Reiri for Hotel





Reiri for Hotel provides hotel managers with the tool to optimise comfort for guests by remotely monitoring and adjusting the room temperature to an ideal desired level before and during occupancy, hence improving guest satisfaction. This smart control system also helps to reduce electrical consumption without compromising on the comfort level and ease of control. 



Energy Efficiency

The interlock function can detect situations such as an open window in the air-conditioning room


Reiri for Hotel automatically switches the air-conditioners off, preventing additional energy consumption costs



Prioritising Guests' Comfort

Assures comfort for guests right from the beginning by ensuring their rooms are cooled prior to their arrival  



Time Efficiency

Conveniently control air-conditioners in the entire building with only one controller


Allows users to save time without having to locate each of the multiple controllers in the area







  • Energy Savings  
    Save the energy usage, more efficient energy resource using window status to turn off aircon when is open

  • Ease of Operations
    Maintenance staffs have access to control and monitor aircon directly by their phone 
  • Efficiency Improvement
    Improve operator efficiency, tasks can be automated for Check-in and Check-out, consequently, the professional goals will be achieved faster

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