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BMS Engineering and Trading (A subsidiary of Daikin Singapore) has 14 years of experience as a distributor of IMI-TA valves in Singapore. With our well-stocked inventory in our warehouse in Singapore, we provide timely services at your request. Some of the services that we offer as part of being a distributor of TA valves are:

  • Pump head calculation and optimisation of required pump head via HySelect software
  • Determine index unit in chilled water system for pump speed optimisation
  • Troubleshooting flow issues in chilled water system
  • Measurement of Chilled water flow
  • Balancing of Chilled water flow

IMI-TA also provides a range of applications and software to help improve HVAC system performance as reflected here:

  • HySelect : A computer program designed to deliver ultimate hydronic control. This can be used from design stage onwards to help with sizing of pipes and valves as well as calculate the required pump head. Pump head optimisation can then be done easily by resizing pipes and valves as required.
  • HyTools: An application for quick and simple sizing of valves and pipes
  • HyTune: An application used for testing and commissioning of our TA-Slider range of actuators via Bluetooth. Also allows for more accurate troubleshooting of actuators.

Hydronic balancing is the key to achieving peak performance in HVAC systems. It helps give you control at every turn and ensure that you can create safe, comfortable and energy efficient indoor climates at minimum operating cost. At BMS Engineering (A Subsidiary of Daikin Singapore), we have an extensive range of innovative Balancing, Control and Actuation products have been refined and improved over many years of research and development. They deliver industry-leading solutions that help you effectively manage individual system elements to achieve high performing HVAC installations.

Types of Valve: Balancing valves, Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves, Actuators, Differential Pressure Controllers and Valve Measuring tools.

Types of Valves

Balancing valves

Our comprehensive range of balancing valves deliver accurate control and hydronic performance and are particularly suited for use on the secondary side in heating and cooling systems or tap water applications.


Types of Balancing Valves:

STAD - Balancing valve
STAF, STAF-SG - Balancing valve


TA-BVS 240/243 – Stainless steel Balancing Valves
Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve (PIBCV)

Our innovative and extensive range of combined balancing and control valves are suitable for every type of HVAC installation. Daikin offers 2 types of Control Valves: Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valves (PIBCV), Standard Control Valves, and Actuators. 


Types of Pressure Independent Balancing and Control Valve (PIBCV):






Types of Standard Control Valves:


CV216/316 MZ – 2 or 3-way brass
CV206/216, 306/316 GG – 2 or 3-way cast iron


CV216/316, 225/325, 240/340 S/E – 2 or 3-way DN15-300, for high temperature and pressure


Types of Actuators:


Our extensive range of innovative actuators include all you could need for energy-efficient performance, reliability and optimal balance and control at every turn. We provide an actuator for every type of heating, cooling and air conditioning challenge and many benefits from unique design features that set them apart from similar products. If you are looking for a broad range of actuators that are easy to commission and configure, simple to maintain and capable of delivering years of trouble-free service, then we have a solution.

Our TA-Slider is the newest range of digitally configurable proportional actuators. Comes in many sizes and models for optimum pricing based on requirements.


TA-Slider 160 - Digitally configurable proportional push actuator
TA-Slider 500 - Digitally configurable proportional push-pull actuator


TA-Slider 750 - Digitally configurable proportional push-pull actuator


TA-Slider 1250 – Digitally configurable proportional push-pull actuator


TA-MC Actuators - High performance proportional actuators
Differential Pressure Controllers

Our range of differential pressure controllers, combined Δp controller, balancing and control valves and differential pressure relief valves deliver accurate and stable control, minimise noise and help you simplify balancing and commissioning procedures in heating and cooling systems.


Types of Differential Pressure Controllers:


STAP DN15-50 - Differential pressure controller, adjustable set-point and shut-off function


STAP DN65-100 - Differential pressure controller, adjustable set-point and shut-off function


TA-PILOT-R - Pilot operated differential pressure controller with adjustable set-point
Measuring Tools

Our measuring tools can achieve optimal control of HVAC systems with our balancing instrument TA-SCOPE.


Pneumatex AG Expansion Tank

Pressure maintenance system with pumps and integrated cyclonic vacuum degassing. For heating systems up to 8MW and cooling systems up to 13 MW.


Transfero TV Connect
 Zeparo Cyclone

Our Dirt and magnetite separator come with cyclonic technology.


Zeparo Cyclone- Dirt and magnetite separator with cyclonic technology for horizontal and vertical mounting
Zeparo G-Force

Our Dirt and magnetite separator come with cyclonic technology.


Zeparo G-Force - Microbubble, dirt and magnetite separator with Cyclonic technology

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