Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

Healthy buildings with good indoor air quality improves performance and productivity. Having our customers breathe and stay healthily indoor is the first of our priorities. 

Towards this aim, Daikin can help you achieve good Indoor Air Quality with the following capabilities:

  1. We are No 1 in Aircon Industry and we know our products best!
    Indoor Air is cooled by airconditioning system. The design and layout of the airconditioning systems can affect the quality of air inside the building. Our vastly experienced team of Engineers design airconditioning systems based on the strict guidelines set by Authorities to avoid any performance issues.
  2. We provide Complimentary IAQ assessments!
    Feeling stuffy or having bad headache at your working area? This can be a symptom of poor Indoor Air Quality.
    We have the full range of equipment as well as competent personnel to provide for a detailed assessment of the Indoor Air Quality in your buildings.
    Besides the IAQ parameters, we also look at the aircon system to provide for a comprehensive Indoor Air Quality Assessment.
  1. We perfect the Air through our expertise in Aircon equipment and Holistic IAQ solutions!

    Aircon Equipment

    Many Indoor Air Quality Issues can be traced back to the aircon design and maintenance.
    Our team look at the overall aircon design and maintenance for any IAQ issues and will make necessary recommendations.

    Holistic IAQ solutions

    We provide full range of IAQ solutions to provide clean air for your premises. These include

    1. Steam Cleaning
    2. Duct Cleaning
    3. Air Cleaners
    4. Air Filters
    5. UV light treatments
    6. Cleaning & Disinfection
    7. Mould Mitigation Program

Your IAQ issues will be a thing of the past with Daikin. We perfect your air!

Please feel free to contact us, without any obligation, for complimentary IAQ Assessment to know the indoor Air Quality in your building!


What is Indoor Air Quality?


Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) refers to the air quality in a building or structure that is breathed in by the building's occupants on a daily basis.

Many factors must be considered when designing new residential, school, office, or light commercial structures. Aside from structural considerations, there are also heating and cooling issues to consider, as well as something that is frequently overlooked: indoor air quality.




Indoor Air Quality Assessment and Consultancy


With our drive to perfect the air, we believe that good indoor air quality should be accessible to all. 

We provide complimentary Indoor Air Quality Assessments for our customers to understand the environment they are living or working in.

During the Indoor Air Quality Assessment, our trained staff will measure ten IAQ parameters including:

  1. Air Temperature
  2. Relative Humidity
  3. Air Movement
  4. Airflow
  5. Carbon Dioxide
  6. Formaldehyde
  7. Total Volatile Organic Compounds
  8. PM10
  9. PM 2.5
  10. Surface Microbial Count

The parameters will be compared against local and existing standards to determine the IAQ conditions of the premise.

Additional visual checks are also carried out on the evaporator coils and inside the air ducts to determine any possible fouling source on the indoor air.

With the assessment and report submitted to the customer, the proper solutions to improve on the Indoor Air Quality will be proposed.


IAQ Assessment Sample




IEQ Solutions

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