Singapore’s first largescale centralised cooling system for HDB residential development

Future Tengah residents can look forward to a more cost-effective, energy efficient and eco-friendly cooling technology compared to conventional multi-split aircon systems. Tengah will be Singapore’s and possibly the world’s first public housing township to experience the benefits of centralised cooling, enabling residents to not just save money but also the planet by leading an eco-friendlier lifestyle.




The Centralised Cooling System (CCS) is a smart and highly efficient cooling technology. CCS uses chilled water that is generated from highly energy efficient chiller plants to cool your homes.


Tengah’s residents can look forward to enjoying air-conditioning with up to 30% energy savings compared to split-unit airconditioning systems.


Chiller units are linked together to improve efficiency and to ensure uninterrupted chilled water supply even when one is under maintenance.

This same concept has been proven since 2006 by SP’s district cooling system which provides cooling across the Marine Bay district such as the MBS Integrated Resort, One Raffles Quay and the Marina Bay Financial Centre.


Control your aircon from anywhere – whether you’re at the office or on-the-go – with the smart remote controller. More advanced than conventional remotes, you can pre-cool your home on hot days during your commute back.

With in-built smart features, you can remotely turn off the aircon via the SP Utilities App so there’s no need to worry if you forgot to switch it off when you’re away from home. The app also offers fuss-free smart monitoring for peace of mind. Receive alert notifications if your indoor unit needs maintenance and see performance data of your aircon over time.


What’s inside your home will look no different from today, as Centralised Cooling indoor units have the same look and feel as conventional aircon units. Your rooms will be cooled by chilled water supplied from a chiller plant on the rooftop, eliminating the need for a condenser at each household unit.

This means less maintenance (Refilling of refrigerant gas is not required and no replacement needed for sensors, PCB Condenser , coil washing & compressor maintenance) for you, plus if you sign up now, we’ll take care of the set up so you can enjoy it as soon as you move in.


SP has established a partnership with Daikin, a leading brand synonymous with air conditioning quality and reliability for over 50 years in Singapore. Tengah Residents who subscribe to Centralised Cooling will be assured of a strong service and support network, backed by both SP and Daikin.

Tengah residents will benefit from best-in-class service and maintenance support packages offered by SP and Daikin for their indoor centralised cooling units.


*Common models found in the market
  • Air cooled system requires more energy to cool down and condense refrigerant vapor into liquid
  • Higher maintenance & servicing costs
  • Increased need for raising gas pressure leading to lower efficiency
  • Water cooled system for higher energy savings and efficiency
  • Estimated operating efficiency is 0.65KW/RT
  • Lower maintenance & servicing costs
  • Cools home using a closed chilled water loop, instead of refrigerant gas
  • Built in control valve
  • Built in Smart Control

WALL MOUNTED TYPE: Indoor Unit Features and Specs

Fancoil Features


Turbo Mode – Rapid cooling with highest fan speed for immediate comfort
Quiet Mode - Effective cooling with lower noise level
Dry Mode - Keeping the room dehumidified, while maintaining room temperature
Sleep Mode



Built in Wireless LAN
Smart home upgradable (Optional)



With Wireless Remote Controller



Selectable Fan Speed - Different fan speed is available for comfort selection
Automatic Vertical Swing - Automatic movement of air discharge louver for uniform air distribution
Manual Horizontal Air Flow - Adjustable horizontal discharge grille for desired air flow direction



Washable Saranet Filter - Removal of airborne dust particles through saranet filter ensures cleaner air supply


Fancoil Specifications



MECHFIT Pipe Fittings are made tested and certified in Japan and it is also registered under Singapore Green Building Product, SGBC. The ‘MECHFIT’ system uses the best combination of new generation of metal and plastic materials:



MECHfit is reliable, easy to install with a "snap sound" and is extremely safe and no hot work is involved.


The efficient and hassle-free installation of MECHfit greatly reduces time and cost due to Mechfit lightweight material.


When used with the polyethylene and aluminum PEX-AL-PEX pipe, the equipment is more durable as the PEX-AL-PEX pipe is corrosion resistant and hence, minimizes wear-off.


Improved productivity for use in all kinds of sanitary, heating and chilled water [FCU System] installation due to its tool free, leak-free secure pipe fitting.


Can withstand any water temperature ranging from 6°C - 30°C

  • Test Pressure up to 10 bar
  • Complying to ISO 21003 standard

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Chilled Water Supply And Return Pipes
System proposal of world-leading pipes + most advanced fitting

In the MyTengah project, GERMAN-made Cocomech Pex Pipes are being used for 2 types of pipings - the supply and return pipes of chilled water.

Introducing the PEX/AL/PEX pipe which meets the dimension and performance requirement ISO21003 (PEX/AL/PEX). Together with MECHFit, installation works are extremely easy, simple and reliable.

These pipes can be considered as one of the best pipe material for non-portable water & chilled water piping system in the world with the following benefits:

  • The flexibility of these lightweight coiled pipes improves workability in all processes of work.
  • Excellent Corrosion Resistance, Chlorine Resistance, Electrical Resistance, Pipe-Creep Resistance. etc.
  • Coverage of wide temperature and pressure range in use.
  • Safe from any toxic substance and promotes healthier water.
UPVC Drainage Pipe

DSP uPVC Drainage Pipe offers a range of unique characteristics that make them versatile in their field of application. The pipe is grey in colour and are commonly used as cable ducting, flush pipe and airconditioning water discharge outlet.

There is an ease in handling and installation due to the pipe’s light weight property thus minimise operation and installation cost. The smooth bore provides greater hydraulic capacity and minimises deposit. The pipe can be readily joined by solvent welding. This provides the versatility in joining and minimise the flow of obstructions.


Real Time Building Management

The performance of CCS will be under constant monitoring via the Daikin Building Management System (BMS). This optimizes the system performance by allowing preventive measures and timely response when required, minimise down time for the residents of Tengah.

Daikin’s BMS is also in full compliance with the latest Singapore Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark standard, providing the residents with the highest energy efficiency.

How It Works?

Chilled water is generated from the interlink ring cut chiller plant.

Advance control system is controlling the entire chiller plant with minimise downtime for the residents. For example, when a cooling system breaks down, the system will spontaneously activate the next cooling system from another block to temporarily support the distribution of chilled water.

An expert team of engineering specialists from Daikin & SP will conduct regular maintenance on the CCS in Tengah.

  • Consistenly analysing data collected and fine tuning the system with software updates
  • Execute repair of malfunctioning units and replacement of defective system components
  • Performing necessary software updates, installing patches and firmware.
  • Fast turnaround time and realiablity

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