Anti-Corrosion Treatment

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Corrosion is deemed as the deterioration process of surfaces and structures caused by a reaction to several elements and environmental conditions.

With our unique environmental solution, anti-corrosion treatment specifications are incorporated specially for our air-conditioning products installed in areas which are subjected to various salt and chemical-prone corrosive environment. The aim is to protect the installed air-conditioning equipment, prevent the rapid formation of corrosion & extend the lifespan of product.   

With Anti-Corrosion treatment, this solution protects your new air-conditioning equipment against various corrosive environmental conditions. An alternative option would be PCB coating.

Examples of Corrosion:



TUV Certified Testing

Conducted from salt spray (fog) and moist sulphur dioxide corrosion test

Results after 3000hrs with Salt Spray Test:

Short Lead Time

All treatment works are carried out in our full facilities within Daikin Airconditioning Singapore premises, completed with a spray booth and built-in oven.

Able to complete treatment works within 1 month*.

Spray Booth Technology:

*Subject to quantity

1 Year Warranty

All Anti-Corrosion treatment comes with 1 full-year of warranty from date of delivery.


Extension of Equipment Lifespan

Cost Savings

Routine Performance

Prevention of Premature Breakdowns

Easy Maintenance

Applicable Products

Treatment is applicable to various ‘Daikin’ indoor and outdoor models (Split Unit, SkyAir, VRV, Packaged, Air-cooled Chiller)

Fan Coil Units

Outdoor Units



Project References


  • Singapore Refinery Company
  • Tuas Shipyard
  • Unimatic Expansion Project
  • Exxon Mobil
  • Shell /JIMB
  • Sembcorp
  • Afton Lion
  • Tuas Incineration
  • Senoko Incineration
  • Jurong Port
  • Tembusu Crescent
  • Institute of Chemical and Engineering Science


  • Changi Naval Base
  • Song of Sea
  • Coral @Keppel Bay
  • Singapore Turf Club
  • Neste Oil


  • Reflection
  • Coral Island
  • Sentosa Cove
  • Lakeshore View
  • Central Victoria
  • Seven Palm
  • Kesara @Sentosa
  • ICTW Marina Coastal Drive



  • Pension Fund NE Point
  • Seychelles Apartment
  • North OLME Hotel
  • Four Season Resort
  • Ahmad Manikus Residence
  • Seychelles Port
  • Praslin Seychelle


  • Saman Village
  • Shangrila Roxy
  • Saman Villa
  • Gaakoshibee
  • Male Airport
  • Ran Finiho
  • Como Resort
  • Flux Resort
  • Six Sense
  • Spa Water Villa
  • Sheraton


  • St Regis – Bali
  • MD Villa – Jakarta
  • RSCM Hospital



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