Desired Human Resources

Characteristics essential for success in the global market

Leveraging Individuality in self and others within diversity

Daikin recognizes that each person has individual traits and opinions originating from differences in backgrounds and beliefs, and it is that diversity in people that generates new revolutionary concepts. For this reason, Daikin readily accepts people of diverse values, independent streaks, and distinctive personalities. Together with people capable of demonstrating individuality in their work, we seek people that respect and harness the unique qualities of those surrounding them. 

To these types of people desired by Daikin, we ask that they take part in the Daikin Group as members sharing the following three aspirations as a foundation.

  • People who closely identify with the Daikin Group’s ambitions and have a strong desire to participate in the company.

    Consequently, people who feel a sense of loyalty and take pride in the company and their work

  • People who have the unfaltering desire to improve themselves and make sustained efforts to develop professionally.

  • People who have unparalleled expertise in a certain field and challenge themselves in unknown areas to affect change.

Now is said to be a time of transition from "monozukuri (the art of manufacturing)" to "kotozukuri (value creation)," with the changes bearing a significant effect on people’s livelihoods and society. These changes necessitate the creation of innovative products and services that provide prosperity and new value. In becoming the No. 1 global air conditioning manufacturer, Daikin has battled against competitors from around the world. Nevertheless, in these tumult times of mega-competition, how a company can effectively compete against the competition becomes extremely important. The key to survival centers on the ability to quickly ascertain the signs of change and maintain an innovative spirit that stays half a step ahead of other companies.

Changing times as these dictate a new direction independent of past successes. Daikin seeks innovative people who take measure of the flow of change to create something new and are continually generating revolutionary concepts for solutions that differ in nature from the past.

Daikin wants people who are highly perceptive, stimulated by curiosity and vitality of the unknown, and capable of thinking freely without clinging to a precedent. We want them to accept difficult tasks without fear of failure, exhibit a spirit to challenge, and learn from past mistakes through trial-and-error. And we want people with the strength and courage to take on mega-competitors.

Daikin has achieved the growth it enjoys today by believing in the infinite potential of people as stated in Our Group Philosophy: "The Cumulative Growth of All Group Members Serves as the Foundation for the Group's Development."

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