Bluetooth Service Checker

Bluetooth Service Checker (BTSC): A pocket size and lightweight checker device to check, record and diagnosis Daikin aircon systems.

All of our Daikin service teams are equipped with this 'easy-to-use' trouble-shooting tool to simplify checks for our products.


  • Easy to use by anyone
  • Compact in product size
  • Connectable with every Smart Phone
  • Applicable to all Daikin products


 Ability to know the number of connected Fancoil units (FCU) to Compressor units (CU)

 Check error code without manual access to FCU

 Ensure quality checks on Expansion Valve Opening and Closing

 Provides convenience by using smart phone to do trouble-shooting

 Records data automatically


Indicative Price at SGD$406.60 (after GST)

To order, provide product number (999187T) to our Spare Parts Centre or contact +65 6311 8686+65 9323 8686 (WhatsApp Msg only)

Operating Hours
Mon to Fri: 9am to 5pm 
Sat: 9am to 12pm 
Sun & Public Holiday: Closed 

Model Specifications

Applicable Products Model
RA                       Models manufactured in 2002 onwards



Models manufactured in 2003 onwards



VRV III onwards




What benefits does the BTSC have for a serviceman?

It saves time, allows the serviceman to view error code from the App and gives an accurate diagnostic of the system operating condition.

What data can be seen when we connect the BTSC to our smartphone ?

It shows data such as, thermistor reading, refrigerant pressure, expansion valve, indoor remote control temperature setting, error code, inverter frequency, total numbers of connected FCU and FCU On/Off status.

Which model can I use for the BTSC?

For VRV system: only VRV III and above.

For Skyair system: inverter system using R410A refrigerant.

For RA system: inverter system using R410A and R32 refrigerant.

Where is the data stored when I use the recording function?

The data is stored at the phone memory and it can be used for further diagnosis.

Can I use Ipad to connect to BTSC?

Yes, it is possible to use Ipad.

Does the BTSC display any error when the unit is having trouble?

Yes, the error code will be displayed on the top right hand side of the screen.

Can I use this BTSC to check on other brands of aircon?

No, it is not possible to connect to other brands of air conditioner to check the system. 

Is the BTSC water resistant?

The BTSC is not water resistant. To protect it from the rain , please close back the panel of the outdoor unit when you are collecting data. 


Bluetooth Service Checker Leaflet
Available on App Store and Google Play

User Guide

User Guide: 


Bluetooth Service Checker User Guide using Apple Smartphone:


Bluetooth Service Checker User Guide using Android Smartphone: 


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