Daikin leads by greening our building and we are glad to be awarded with Green Mark Award (Platinum) by Building & Construction Authority (BCA). Some of the key actions implemented in Daikin Green Building are:


Energy Savings

  • Adopting advanced technologies in our VRV system for greater energy savings in aircon.
  • Updating building lights to energy efficient LED
  • Scheduled timing and temperature settings for HVAC system
  • Window films to reduce the solar heat intake from outdoor

Water Savings

  • Minimising water consumption through 3 ticks WELS (Water Efficiency Labelling) fittings
  • Scheduled timing for plant irrigation depending on weather



Building Optimization

  • Increase efficiency through Smart Office integration
  • Real time data collection to enhance energy management


Optimization through Smart Office and real time data collection


Indoor Environmental Quality (IEQ)

  • Create conducive work environment through adequate fresh air supply
  • Optimize indoor air quality with Streamer technology from Daikin Air Purifiers
  • Minimize risk of respiratory ailments through MERV 8 filter and Bio Anti Body filters
  • Prevent Mold Growth with Anti Mold filters
  • Upkeep HVAC system through regular maintenance and Steam Cleaning

           IEQ implementations towards Green Building:
           Air Purifier, Filters, Steam Cleaning

Green Landscaping

  • Green walls at roof area to reduce heat into the building
  • Greenery and trees in the building premises to enhance environment friendly landscaping


Trees, plants and green wall towards green landscaping

Waste Management

  • Promote 3R (Reduce, Reuse and Recycle) among staff
  • Waste segregation into Recycled & General Waste


Waste management to segregate recycled and general wastes

Sustainability is the path Daikin would walk on.

We have the ability to make a surprisingly extraordinary economy: one that can re-establish biological communities and ensure nature while delivering advancement, success, significant work, and genuine security.

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