Air conditioners have become an important key infrastructure for supporting the global community with greater emphasis on indoor air quality (IAQ). Demand for air conditioning is expected to triple by 2050 from current demand with the economic development in emerging countries, as well as other factors. Under our Environmental Vision 2050 established in fiscal 2018, we are tackling challenges associated with the reduction of greenhouse gas emissions to net-zero. Through the development of products and services that contribute to energy conservation and the mitigation of global warming, we aim to reduce the world's greenhouse gas emissions while further developing our businesses.    

Daikin Vision for Value Creation

We provide new value that makes people and space healthier and more comfortable while at the same time reducing environmental impact via Value Creation for Earth, Cities, and People.



Sustainability at Daikin Singapore

Daikin Singapore’s sustainability targets have been linked to seven Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), enabling us to identify areas of positive impact within our business and supply chain and how it contributes towards global sustainability goals:


Commitment Targets
Green Products and Solutions
  • 100% R32 refrigerant residential aircon sales compared to total residential sales by 2023

  • 72% Super Green products (R32 and 4&5 ticks) by 2025

  • Collect 13,500 kg of fluorocarbons by 2025

  • Recycle 40% of packaging placed on market by 2024

Daikin Green Building
  • 25% of renewable electricity through purchase of RECs by 2025
Human Resources
  • 30% of women in the management team by 2025

  • Achieve annual Accident Frequency Rate (AFR) of <0.7 and Accident Severity Rate (ASR) of <9

Supply Chain Management
  • 100% of new/renewal suppliers to whom is sent the Supplier Code of Conduct

Corporate Governance
  • 100% of employees completing the Code of Conduct e-training

  • 100% of employees that have received anticorruption training


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