Office and large building

Cooling and Control Solution for your Office Building 

Daikin provides comfort cooling solutions to meet your requirements for small  to large office buildings.  We offer energy efficient air-conditioning system with smart control solution in which we manage the building’s energy consumption efficiently while optimizing the cooling comfort.


Complete Solution for your Office Building

1. Reception
  • Save energy and improve operational productivity by managing your aircon and other building services through Daikin Smart Control Solution.

2. Office Space

  • Presence of people and floor temperature can be detected to provide comfort and energy savings by using Ceiling Cassette Round Flow with Sensing – 360 degrees airflow discharge (VRV Series).

3. Meeting Room

  • Take control of your meeting room with scene control on lighting, curtain and aircon through Daikin D’Smart office Touch.

4. Conference Room

  • With high ceiling, VRV Ducted Fan Coil Unit integrates nicely into the ceiling space and provide flexible air distribution through the ducting system.

5. Server Room

  • Reliable DSP drain pump that integrates with Wall Mounted Fan Coil Unit to provide smooth condensate water discharge.
  • With our BMS, we can
    • Manage standby indoor fan coil unit
    • Auto-switch over indoor fan coil unit (based on room temperature, scheduling, etc)
    • Trigger water leakage alarm

Find your Office Building Needs

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    Small Office  
    Inverter Skyair meets your simple cooling needs

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    Medium size Office Building
    VRV to meet your cooling requirement and ensure better energy saving

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    Large size Office Building
    Chiller and Air side equipment are designed for large building for higher energy efficiency

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    Office Smart Controller
    Manage aircon and lighting through our Reiri for Office

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    Building Management System
    Daikin BMS solutions enables you to monitor and control your large commercial building M&E Services as well as optimize your building performance

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    DSP Materials
    DSP Installation materials to enhance the installation work reliability

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Building Management System

Embarking on building automation can be rather overwhelming despite the attractive benefits.  At BMS Engineering (A Subsidiary of Daikin Singapore), we provide a one stop Building Management System (BMS) solution that aims to improve your building operations. Our solution is customizable to your specific needs and we are committed to helping you through this journey.


With our BMS Engineering (a subsidiary of Daikin Singapore), we ensure high quality services and easy configuration to improve user interface and experience.

Our configuration provides:

  • Any pre-configured or ad hoc criteria including date range, cost, consumption and CO2 emissions
  • Viewable through WorkStation or WebStation
  • Simplify user experience while providing an additional level of control to help improve operational and energy efficiency

User Interface

Empower your control over the building operations with:
  • 24/7 access to building information
  • Manage your facility on the go with intuitive mobile user apps
  • A full-function, browser-based WebStation user interface
  • Allow users to personalize their workspace
  • Organize interface by individual users to suit assorted needs an roles
  • Simplify day-to-day operations with user-friendly functionality
  • Optimize building operations with drag-and-drop trending,
  • One-click reporting, interactive graphics, calendar-like
  • Scheduling and easy-to-use alarms
  • Visualize analytics and data management
  • Web Services for integration with existing and emerging technologies and third party systems
  • Moves communication beyond industry-specific devices and systems and toward service-oriented architecture, such as:
    • Power management (electrical distribution)
    • EcoStruxure
    • Easy Installation
Support High and Low Interfacing:
  • Lighting control (also depending on ambient lighting when exposure sensor is present)
  • Shading control according to weather station or exposure sensors
  • Heating control with speed selection FCU or automatic
  • Continuous cooling control 0-100%, not just on / off
  • Timing and manual air handling control
  • Selection of VRF settings for indoor and outdoor units (direction, top / cool)
  • Alarm Console - Used to register errors. Possibility to use for facility management

Reporting & Analysing

Improving building efficiency through analysing the reports is a crucial advantage of BMS. Here, we provide a range of customizable reports so that you can analyse and deduce trends to further decision making.


Our powerful graphical reporting tool shows:

  • Fully Customisable report
  • Energy consumption reports
  • Alarms and trends comparison
  • Information on Airconditioning System Efficiency
  • Reporting, Trends and User Interfaces

Based on historical data, you can have an overview of:

  • Business performance data based on history, people, locations, etc.
  • Internal, External, Implicit, Meter Logs, Export logs
  • Variety of standard reporting formats including .csv and .xml Flexible
  • Data presentation in table or chart view
  • Create an ad hoc trend chart from any point
  • Drag and drop points onto trend chart
  • Roll over to highlight values

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