Steam Cleaning

Your Environmental Friendly Air-conditioning Cleaning Process for Healthy and Clean Air.

Uses High Pressure Steam to remove accumulated dirt clogged in between fin spacings of the coil.

Comparison of Steam Cleaning v/s Chemical Wash

Steam Cleaning Chemical Wash
Environmental Friendly Alkaline chemical discharged in the drain
Does not leave any residual smell Possible chemical smell after cleaning
Does not corrode the coil Alkaline chemical may corrode the coil
Can be done as and when the coil is choked Cannot be carried out too often as coil may get corroded
Cheaper than Chemical Cleaning by 10% More expensive than Steam Cleaning by 10%


  • Chemical Free Process – uses high pressure steam to clean the coil.
  • High Pressure Steam remove unpleasant odours and smells
  • Cheaper than Chemical Cleaning by around 10% on average
  • Improve air flow rate and cooling performance
  • Environmental Friendly with no chemical discharge in the drain
  • Does not corrode the coil as no corrosive solution is used

Before After

When do you need it?

Depending on usage. On average once every 2 years. Once every year for high usage.


  RA/SA Split Type (Residential) VRV Systems (Commercial)
Cost per fan coil unit (SGD) SGD$160 – $500* $280 – $790*

*Subject to include GST of 7% 

Terms & Conditions:

  • Price per Steam Cleaning depends on the capacity of the Fan Coil Unit / Condensing Unit
  • Does not include provision of access opening, dismantling of coil, refrigerant pump down and re-vacuum and standard charge (if required)

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