refrigerant gas (r410a)

R410A Refrigerant is widely used as a refrigerant in many air conditioning applications, usually packaged in rose colour cylinders.

Due to the nature of R410a properties which is of a HFC (hydrofluorocarbons) refrigerant, it does not has any ozone depletion potential (Zero ODP) and thus introduced as a greener choice for R22 for use in both residential and commercial air-conditioning products.

The manufacture and use of refrigerants in air-conditioners that cause ozone depletion and global warming are regulated under the Montreal Protocol and the Kyoto Protocol. Eventually conventional refrigerants such as HCFC (example R22) will be abolished within 2030 in both developed and developing countries.

Demand for R410a refrigerant and other HFC will gradually increase because of it’s lower environmental burden.


R410A Refrigerant Gas






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R410A Refrigerant Analysis Report 2019
R410A Materials Safety Data Sheet
R410A Materials Safety Data Sheet



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