code of conduct 


Our Code of Conduct set forth the basic premises for all employees to observe as a basic framework for compliance. It embodies the highest standards of corporate governance we expect our employees to uphold, both internally and externally. 

Compliance Guidelines


1.           Providing Safe, High Quality Products and Services

We shall make every effort to ensure the safety and quality of our products and services from the standpoint of our customers. Should a problem occur regarding safety, we shall immediately take appropriate action.

2.           Free Competition and Fair Trading

We shall observe all applicable laws and regulations relating to fair competition and fair trade of each country and region, including antimonopoly laws. Furthermore, we shall conduct fair sales and procurement activities based on proper corporate ethics and in accordance with sound business practices and social norms.

3.           Observing Trade Control Laws

We shall not participate in any transactions that may undermine the maintenance of global peace and security and world order. We shall always act in compliance with all applicable export- and import-related laws and regulations of each country and region, as well as the Daikin Group Security Trade Control Policy, which relates to foreign trade control.

4.           Respect and Protection of Intellectual Property Rights

Recognizing that intellectual property rights are important company assets, we shall strive to protect and maintain our intellectual property rights and effectively utilize them. Furthermore, we shall respect, and make every effort not to infringe upon, the intellectual property rights of other companies.

5.           Proper Management and Utilization of Information

We shall properly manage and effectively utilize the confidential information of our company, the confidential information obtained from other companies, and the personal information of our customers and employees, and we shall not obtain any information through improper means. We shall thoroughly execute IT security management for our computer systems and the data-resources saved on them.

6.           Prohibition of Insider Trading

To maintain the trust of shareholders and investors, we shall not use non-public information about the Daikin Group or other companies to buy or sell stocks or other securities (insider trading).

7.           Timely and Appropriate Disclosure of Corporate Information

In order to be an "open company" with high transparency and earn the respect of society, we shall actively convey corporate information in a timely fashion, not only to shareholders and investors but also to a wide spectrum of society, and engage in two-way communication.

8.           Preservation of the Global Environment

We shall observe all applicable environmental laws and regulations of each country and region and practice initiatives that preserve the global environment in all aspects of our business operations, including product development, manufacturing, sales, distribution, and services. Also, each and every one of us shall deepen our knowledge of environmental issues, reduce the environmental load in the workplace and at home, and strive toward biodiversity conservation.

9.           Ensuring the Safety of Operations

We shall take all possible precautions for safe operations and act with a mindset of "Safety First" to ensure the safety of the workplace and further gain the trust of people in the regions we serve.

10.         Respect for Human Rights and Diversity and Observance of Labor Laws

We shall respect the human rights of each and every employee and shall not engage in conduct that discriminates on the basis of nationality, race, ethnicity, religion, color of skin, age, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. Diversity in individual values is enthusiastically accepted, and we shall work to make the unique talents and abilities of each and every person the driving force of the organization. We shall also observe both the letter and spirit of all labor laws and regulations of each country and region, and under no circumstances shall we sanction the labor of underage employees, minors who do not meet the minimum legal age requirements (child labor), or labor performed under compulsion or against a person’s will (forced labor).

11.         Protection of Company Assets

We shall properly manage the tangible and intangible assets of our company to protect and effectively utilize these assets.

12.         Proper Handling of Accounting Procedures

We shall comply with all accounting standards and tax laws of each country and region as well as internal company rules in properly performing accounting procedures.

13.         Practicing Moderation in Entertainment, Gift Exchanges, and Invitations

We shall exercise moderation and perform within the acceptable range of social norms and obey the laws and regulations of each country and region in regards to entertainment, the exchange of presents, and invitations relating to the development of our global business. In particular, we shall not entertain, provide gifts of monetary value to, or extend invitations to public officials in Japan or abroad that violate the applicable laws and regulations in each respective country and region.

14.         Maintaining a Firm Attitude against Anti-social Activities

We shall take a firm attitude against anti-social forces and organizations that threaten the safety and order of citizens.

15.         Relationship with Society

We aim to be a good corporate citizen that is trusted by society and we shall do our best to act with humility and modesty while at the same time having self-awareness and taking pride in our actions. Moreover, we shall participate in social contribution activities centered on environmental conservation, education support, and cooperation with the local community.

16.         Observing Each Category of Industry Law and Regulation

We shall accurately interpret and observe all applicable laws and regulations of each country and region in which our businesses participate.


Compliance Efforts

Every year, we conduct self and risk assessment checks to ensure constant compliance with our Group Conduct Guidelines.

We also participate in the annual compliance committee meeting with Daikin Industries, Ltd and other overseas group companies and held the compliance committee meeting for the Asia and Oceania region at Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte. Ltd in 2019.

(Asian and Oceania region compliance committee meeting)

Human Rights Risk Assessment

Daikin identifies human rights issues in its business, assesses risk throughout the value chain, and lists risks that should be prioritized. In our operational risk management system, we identify human rights risks and create countermeasures.

We conduct self and risk assessment checks annually to check the status of compliance with the Group Conduct Guidelines, including human rights criteria.

The results of the assessments, as well as issues that come up and proposals for their solution, are reported to the Corporate Ethics and Risk Management Committee, or regional compliance committee meetings, thus ensuring this information is shared throughout the Daikin Group in an effort to mitigate the risks.


Whistleblowing Help-Line

Daikin Airconditioning (Singapore) Pte. Ltd has a Whistleblowing Help-Line for Corporate Ethics inside and outside the company, where internal and external stakeholders can report violations or irregularities on all corporate ethics matters, including human rights, sexual harassment, and power harassment. Through the helpline, all reported matters are kept strictly confidential and dealt with promptly and appropriately.

The internal audit department investigates all queries and opinions to the help-line, and works with related company divisions to decide on measures to prevent the reoccurrence of problems. This makes for the smooth creation of measures and the solution of problems.

To ensure that the help-line is well publicized, the help-line's contact information is provided on the poster affixed to the printing room walls on all levels and common areas for internal stakeholders and in the Company website for external stakeholder.  

UN Global Compact

Since 2008, Daikin Industries, Ltd. has endorsed and participated in United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) and follows the ten principles of the UN Global Compact.


KPIs to measure performance

In 2020, we launched a new Code of Conduct e-training system. 100% of employees completed the training annually. 

In fiscal 2022, there were no reports received on violations or irregularities on all corporate ethics matters, including human rights, sexual harassment, and power harassment.

Self and risk assessments implementation rate (%): 100%





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