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17 Feb 2023 updated

Roses and Towels: Daikin's Heartwarming Valentine's Day Charity Sale

On Monday, February 13, 2023, Daikin Singapore held a special Valentine's Day Charity Sale to support local communities in need. The event featured a variety of handmade products, including beautiful Rose Towels crafted by elderly and disabled members of Lion Befrienders and Bishan Home, as well as Daikin's own CSR volunteers.

As part of the Charity Sale, Daikin Singapore invited two elderly crafters from Lion Befrienders to showcase their handmade Rose Towels at the company's booth. The staff dropped by to show their support and appreciation for the crafters' hard work and dedication. All proceeds from the sale of the Rose Towels and other products went towards supporting various charitable causes in the community.

The Charity Sale was not the only way Daikin supported the community. In the weeks leading up to the event, the company also organized several towel crafting sessions for the elderly and disabled at Lions Befrienders and Bishan Home.

These sessions had multiple objectives: to raise awareness of the importance of community involvement, to promote volunteering, to provide opportunities for crafters to earn passive income, to relieve stress, and to encourage bonding and teamwork among employees.

The towel crafting sessions were a great success, bringing together people from different backgrounds and ages to learn a new skill and make new friends. Participants were able to showcase their creativity and produce high-quality towels that were later sold at the Charity Sale. The sessions also gave employees a chance to give back to the community and engage in meaningful activities outside of work.

Daikin's commitment to supporting the community through its CSR initiatives is commendable. The company's efforts to promote volunteering, community involvement, and social integration are a great example of corporate social responsibility in action. By empowering the elderly and disabled to use their skills and talents to contribute to society, Daikin is not only making a positive impact on the community, but also promoting a more inclusive and caring society for all.


Bishan Home: Intellectually disabled with their crafted towels

Lions Befrienders: Elderly with their crafted towels



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