01 Jun 2021 updated

Reader's Digest Trusted Brand 2021: Gold Award (Category: Air Conditioner)

DAIKIN TAKES PRIDE IN PERFECTING THE AIR. As Singapore’s No.1 air conditioner brand*, its goal is to make the air in every space cleaner, healthier and more comfortable through cutting-edge technology and sustainable solutions.

With its complete three-pillar solution – ECO for sustainability; IAQ (indoor air quality); and IOT (internet of things) – Daikin aims to consistently provide air to suit the size and purpose of every space in various environments with comfort and ease.

With our innovative 5-tick energy-efficient iSmileEco Series, Daikin tackles environmental challenges using Refrigerant - 32. The iSmileEco series does not deplete the ozone layer and has lower global-warming potential, making these ECO products the new way to go.

To provide you and your family with cleaner, purified air, Daikin offers various indoor air quality solutions. Equipped with our leading Streamer Technology, our air purifiers effectively remove up to 99.9% of influenza viruses, bacteria, allergens and pollen from the air.

Daikin’s smart-home solutions are key to a comfortable lifestyle. Our Smart Hub interconnects Smart Digital Lock, Google mini, IP Camera and a variety of electronic devices and appliances – clever living systems that work together harmoniously to enhance your lifestyle. Now, you can control your air conditioners, air purifiers, lighting and security systems and other gadgets from your smartphone, anywhere in the world.

To better serve our customers, we have several Daikin Proshops islandwide, providing premium, energy-efficient products and services with assured Daikin Standard.

For more information, head down to our Daikin Proshop or visit Daikin e-commerce store today!

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