HXE with HFO Refrigerant: R-1234ze(E)

  • HXE with HFO Refrigerant: R-1234ze(E)


As the global HVAC leader, Daikin provides superior performance with water cooled chillers. Introducing the next generation Multi-compressor Oil Free Magnetic Bearing Chiller with HFO Refrigerant, R-1234ze (E), which has an extremely low global warming potential (GWP). This shows our commitment to protect our planet through keeping carbon dioxide emission and any other environment impact at the minimal level.


  • Superior Performance

           The design of the magnetic bearing drive system does not need lubrication. This makes the chiller more reliable than oil or refrigerant lubricated ones.

  • Stable and Reliable

           High accurate sensors installed on compressor are utilized to keep detecting shaft position on a high frequency basis.

  • Magnetic Bearing direct driveline

           The magnetic bearing system features the single moving shaft directly connected to motor eliminating any oil lubrication system or mechanical friction.

  • Environmentally Friendly

           R1234ze(E), one of next generation green HFO refrigerant with a very low global warming potential value, is classified as an “A2L” refrigerant according to ASHRAE Standard 34.

  • Lower Ownership Cost

           a. Designed with optimized operating efficiency to minimize energy cost by fully leveraging advantages of two-stage compressor, variable speed driveline

           b. Low-Cost maintenance as oil-linked maintenance is unnecessary

  • Smart Control

           The latest microprocessor technology is utilized in Mirco Tech V control system to offer stable and efficient chiller control with user-friendly operation interface.

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