Powerful Suction and
Reduced Operation Sound


Decomposition using
Streamer Technology

*Only applicable for MC40 , MC55 and MCK55


*1 Calculation based on testing method of the Japan Electrical Manufacturers ,Association standard JEM1467.
*2 Humidification amount changes in accordance with indoor and outdoor temperature and humidity.
Measurement condition: 20°C in temperature, 30% in humidity.(JEM1426)
*3 Verified by test method based on Japan Electrical Manufacturers' Association Standard JEM1467.
The standard assumes five or more cigarettes are smoked per day.
Not all harmful substances in cigarette smoke (carbon monoxide, etc.) can be removed.
More frequent filter changing may be needed depending on operating conditions.



Good positioning of Air Purifier

Choose a position from where airflow can reach all areas of the room.

Place on a stable surface. If the unit is placed on an unstable surface, vibrations from the
unit may be amplified.

Tips for optimizing your Daikin Air Purifier:



What is Streamer technology?
It is a unique air purifying technology. By discharging high speed electrons with powerful oxidising feature, it has the ability to decompose and remove dust, odours, bacteria virus and other undesired airborne component.
What is the Applicable room area ?

The applicable area is

  • MC30VVM-H: 21.5m2 (13.2m2 purified in approx. 20min)
  • MC40UVM6: 31m2 (13.2m2 purified in approx. 15min)
  • MC50UVM6: 41m2 (13.2m2 purified in approx. 11min)
  • MCK55TVM6: 41m2 (13.2m2 purified in approx. 11min)
What kind of substances that can be controlled or broken down?
- Mould, Bacteria, Virus - Allergens such as Pollen and Mites - Cigarettes, Pet and Other Odours - Hazardous substances such as Formaldehyde (eg. Glue, Adhesives) , diesel exhaust particules and VOC
What kind of substances that can be Trapped ?
Large Dusts , Pollen and pet hairs can be trapped
Do I need to do any maintenance on the Air Purifier?
Yes, You may refer to the attachment on maintenance guide.
Do I need to do any cleaning or maintenance on the electrostatic Hepa filter ?
You do not required any cleaning at all on the electrostatic Hepa filter.
How often should I replace the electrostatic Hepa filter?
For model MC30VVM-H recommended to be replaced about every 2 years.
For model MC40UVM-6, MC55UVM6 and MCK55TVM6 recommended to be replaced about every 10 years. 
It case of severe dirt built up, the replacement can be earlier as this is depend on usage patterns and location.
Can the Deodorising filter unit be clean ?
You may vacuum clean on the deodorising filter unit when the dust is built up.
Does the Air Purifier comes with remote controller?
       Model         Remote Controller
It can be integrated with the D'Smart home solution. For more information, click here
What does streamer 3 C does?
  • 1 Clash - Decomposes harmful substances on the duct collection by oxidation
  • 2 Cycle - The deodorising filter absorbs and decompose odour
  • 3 Clean - remove bacteria from dust collection filter
Where can air purifiers be used besides homes or offices?
In the the event whereby no fresh air or window to improve ventilation in the room. The use of portable air purifier should be highly recommended.

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