Users can have full control of both SkyAir and residential air conditioners in and out of premises with Daikin Smart Control! Simply begin by adding D’Mobile Card (Model: BRP072C42-1) to SkyAir units and download the Daikin Mobile Controller Application to do away with the common remote controller by using personal smart devices to control and monitor.

What You Need


Download the Daikin Mobile Controller Application today to experience the Demo mode which you can have a better understanding of the application without the actual air conditioner.


        App Store                 Google Play Store





SkyAir units can be controller and monitored remotely from inside and outside premise.

Basic Operation

Status Monitoring

  • Set Operation: ON/OFF

  • Set Operation Mode:

    • Auto/Cool/Heat/Fan/Dry

  • Set Temperature

  • Set Fan Speed

  • Set Airflow Direction

  • Monitor Room Temperature

  • Monitor Outdoor Temperature

  • Error Notification

Weekly scheduling to suit office needs (up to 6 actions per day)

Additional Features
  • Unified ON/OFF control and grouped ON/OFF control

  • Weekly timer of 6 programs by 7 days, with each setting of operation mode and Temperature

  • Vacation mode, which keep to turn off the all connected unit and is useful for long vacation

  • Child lock, which can set the password for each unit

  • Demo mode, with which you can try the application without actual air-conditioner


Malfunction alerts and error code tracing are reported automatically to the user for prompt servicing


Covid-19 measure where touchpoints are reduced for controlling SkyAir Unit using personal smart device instead of a common remote controller

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