VRV S (4-6HP)

Higher energy efficiency
  • VRV S (4-6HP) offers better energy efficiency in comparison to VRV IV S series


Connectable up to 9 indoor units
  • Up to 9 indoor units can be connected to a single outdoor unit. This makes VRV S series a versatile system.

Long piping design
  • Actual piping length: Max 120m
  • Total piping length: Max 300m

VRV S (7-9HP)

Energy saving and comfort
  • VRT Smart Control
    • This control coordinates between the indoor and outdoor units to minimize the energy consumption. It is done by optimizing capacity to meet actual operation load.

  • Quiet Operation
    • With the new fan and bell mouth to lower operation sound and nighttime quiet operation function, this will maintain a quiet environment in the neighborhood

High performance and reliability
  • Newly extended operation range of up to 52 degrees Celsius.
    • Enables reliable operation with high temperature condition, where there is now a wider choice of installation location.
  • Keep rated cooling capacity in high outdoor temperature up to 43 degrees Celcius


  • New efficiency, high capacity DC inverter swing compressor
    • The new compressors and DC motor designed with small diameter bearing improve overall performance.

  • Automatic refrigerant charge function
    • Optimized operation efficiency that prevents capacity shortage

  • Higher quality and easier installation
    • The automatic refrigerant charge automates the charging process of the refrigerant with one simple button.


Design flexibility of installation
  • High external static pressure up to 40 Pa and automatic adjustment external static pressure

  • Optimal airflow direction with the optional air direction adjustment grille

  • Duct installation to stabilize the system
    • Installation a field-supplied duct allows the air to bypass an obstacle. For example, the installation of the outdoor unit is possible in places behind an advertising board.

  • Low height casing design
    • This is the ideal solution which minimizes both visual and sound impact, especially for premises with no space for multiple outdoor units.

  • Double-stacking installation made possible

  • Increase in actual piping length of up to 120m


VRV S (4-6HP)

VRV S (7-9HP)


VRV S (4-6HP)
VRV S (7-9HP)

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