stakeholder engagement

Why is it important?

For a company to achieve sustainable growth, it must understand the concerns and expectations of stakeholders and know that business activities of a company will directly and indirectly affect them. Hence, Daikin constantly engage in dialogue with our stakeholders to establish and maintain a mutual relationship.

Policy and Commitment

We value opportunities for dialogue with customers, business partners, employees, and local communities, and share our findings with the management. In addition, we partner with government agencies, international organizations and experts to create and improve environmental performance in products and services.


Initiatives and Actions

Stakeholders Main dialogue methods and opportunities Main dialogue representatives at Daikin
  • Daily Sales Activities
  • Annual recognitions award ceremony
  • Quarterly customer engagement sales meeting
  • Overseas incentive trips for customers
  • Factory visits
  • Contact Center
  • Showrooms
Sales Division Service Division
Procurement business partners
  • Daily procurement activities
  • Supplier briefings
  • Quality improvement meeting in case of major quality issue
  • Factory visit
  • Quality and routine audits (during new supplier evaluation)
Procurement Division
  • Interviews based on employee self-assessments
  • Group Management Meeting and Global managers’ meetings
  • Employee satisfaction survey
  • Employee communication events
Human Resources Division

Corporate Planning Department
  • Involvement with local groups and events
  • Providing environmental education
CSR Representative
Government agencies, industry, academia Participation in industry activities

Marketing Department

HR Department

CSR Representative



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