We improve your customers’ shopping experience through managing the air

A pleasant shopping environment is key to creating that comfortable homely feeling that your customers will feel when they step into your shop. At Daikin, we have the perfect solution for your shop climate, while helping you manage your electricity bills.

Complete Solution for your Retail Outlets

1. Innovative Round Flow Sensing Cassette
  • Reduces uncomfortable draft on your customers by smartly diverting the air away.

2. Multi Tenant Billing

  • No worries about generating bills. Daikin D’Smart multi tenant function does that automatically for you.

3. Antimicrobial Treatment (Learn More)

  • Maintaining a cleaner air environment with lesser bacteria using Daikin’s factory sprayed Antimicrobial Treatment.

Find your Retail Needs

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    Small Standalone Retail Shop
    Inverter SkyAir for efficient cooling

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    Multi Tenant Shops
    VRV to meet your cooling requirement and ensure better energy saving

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    Reiri Multi Tenant function for easy billing

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