Corporate Social Responsibility

25 Jan 2021 updated

R32: Next-Generation Refrigerant

Daikin Singapore recognizes that air conditioners consume a significant amount of electricity, and with the use of refrigerants that include the chemical, fluorocarbons, is harmful to the environment. This chemical contributes to the depletion of the ozone layer, resulting in global warming. Daikin believes that as the only air conditioner manufacturer in the world to produce both air conditioning equipment and refrigerant, we have the responsibility to expand the use of substances that can contribute to the reduction of the greenhouse emissions throughout the product life cycle. With this corporate direction and the impact on the ozone layer that is reflected through climate change in recent years, Daikin aims to alleviate the harmful effects of air conditioners, while at the same time ensuring that you are still able to enjoy the comfort of cool air in your premise.

To tackle the significant consumption of electricity, Daikin has been constantly improving its air conditioner technology to ensure that some of its products offered to the market are recognized as the highest efficiency rating of 5 ticks. Our upcoming multi-split air conditioner will be certified with 5 ticks and most importantly, this product will be using the world’s first R32 refrigerant.

Our upcoming R32 multi-split air conditioner that uses the next generation refrigerant will have zero Ozone Depletion Potential (ODP) and lower Global Warming Potential (GWP). GWP is a measure of how much energy the emission of 1 ton of a gas will be absorbed over a given period, relative to the emissions of 1-ton carbon dioxide. The lower the GWP, the less that a given gas warms the earth compared to carbon dioxide over the same time period.

To further pursue environmental sustainability, Daikin will continue to develop and promote products and services that aims to reduce environmental impact and increase the efficiency of our air conditioners, such as our recent venture into Building Management System (BMS) that targets to increase efficiency in all areas.

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