ENVIRONMENTal vision and strategic management plan


Environmental Vision 2050

Daikin aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout the entire lifecycle of our products.

Furthermore, we are committed to creating solutions that link society and customers as we work with stakeholders to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to net zero.

Using IoT and AI, and open innovation attempts, we will meet the world's needs for air solutions by providing safe and healthy air environments while at the same time contributing to solving global environmental problems.

Daikin is proud to be identified with a status of being Ready to Join in the global initiative of Race to Zero campaign - to rally leadership and support from businesses in achieving net zero carbon emissions by 2050.

Fusion Strategic Management Plan

Constantly researching and analysing to find ways to provide added value for our indoor air quality, we aim to provide products and solutions that will help achieve net zero greenhouse gas emissions. 


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