23 Sep 2022 updated

Reclaiming and Refrigerant Workshop

On 22nd September 2022, Daikin has launched a new initiative during the Refrigerant Reclaiming and Recycling Workshop for dealers and contractors. This was organised in support of Climate Action Week 2022. The Refrigerant Eco-Cycle Pledge is where companies pledge to embark on a sustainable journey with Daikin on refrigerant recovery and management, via our Refrigerant Eco-Cycle initiative. 

Daikin aims to reduce the greenhouse gas emissions generated throughout the entire lifecycle of products. This initiative advocates zero waste and eliminate the production of new refrigerants. 

To read more on Daikin’s Refrigerant Eco Cycle initiative, click here:https://www.daikin.com.sg/refrigerant-eco-cycle-initiative

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